BigBox 8.0 Introduces New Features

Those of you that follow Flickstiq on YouTube are familiar with BigBox. While not a streaming company, they do make one of the best user-interfaces for gaming. They’ve become our go-to for adding a controller-friendly UI to our game streaming servers. Recently BigBox reached a milestone in their development with the release of version 8.0.

Many Gamers are enjoying the emergence of Cloud Gaming as both a platform and a technology. If you’ve tried a Cloud Gaming service recently, you’ve probably discovered that they all have something in common. Almost none of them have native UI support for controllers. You have to use a Keyboard and Mouse to launch your games. This limitation can be a problem for Gamers that enjoy playing on the couch or on touchscreen devices. BigBox solves this problem by allowing you to create your own controller-friendly interface.

BigBox is incredibly customizable. It allows you to craft an interface that is unique to you. You can choose from an impressive list of features to add to your layout. BigBox also supports pre-made themes for those that would like to get right into gaming. Simply install BigBox on your Cloud Server Desktop, pick a theme, and enjoy elegant controller-support for navigating your game collection.

In version 8.0, BigBox brings its users even more ways to customize their theme. BigBox now includes a built-in PDF Viewer that allows you to view game manuals for your titles. The Viewer can be completely navigated with your controller.

BigBox 8.0 also adds support for Retroarch Netplay. Retroarch is an App that allows you to play numerous retro titles through a collection of emulators. Their Netplay feature enables you to play those games online with your friends.

In a previous update, BigBox added an option to rate the games that you play through their interface. Your ratings get uploaded to a BigBox server and merged with the ratings of other users. It’s a nice way to find popular titles. It also allows you to introduce other users to the games that you love the most. In version 8.0, BigBox refines this system by allowing you to manually update your system to match the current ratings database. In older versions, syncing your ratings with the rest of the community was a tedious process. It took a lot of time which detracted Gamers from getting the most out of the system.

BigBox 8.0 also includes general bug fixes and performance improvements. You can see the whole list of improvements here, and you can download BigBox here.

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