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Cloud Gaming is awesome, but it can also be expensive. At Flickstiq, we are often asked whether there are any free or discounted Cloud Services out there. While there aren’t any free Cloud Providers, you can definitely get a discount when you sign up for a new account.


Paperspace gives Gamers a great sign up deal. When you sign up for a new account, you can use a Referral Code to get $10 added to your account. Paperspace bills by the minute, and $10 is enough to set up your new Cloud Machine and enjoy a few hours of gaming. Your credit is used first, so you won’t be billed until you use more than $10.


Snoost also has a very generous Sign up bonus. Anyone can create a new account and try Snoost for 3 days. If you decide to keep Snoost beyond your trial, their subscriptions start at only $10 per month. All of their plans also include unlimited hours of gaming. When you sign up for Snoost, you can enter a referral code to get a free week added to your subscription. You are required to move beyond the free trial to get the benefit of the bonus week. However, 5 weeks of unlimited Cloud Gaming for $10 is a great deal.


LiquidSky is one of the more well-known names on this list. They bill you by the hour, and you use a special in-game currency called “Sky Credits” to pay for your gaming time. You can use a referral code to get 300 free Sky Credits when you setup a new account. Again, this only applies if you purchase a package of Sky Credits or a LiquidSky subscription. But hey, free is free.

Flickstiq has a special page dedicated to helping you to setup a new account with each of these services. You will also find the referral codes needed to get the discounts that we just talked about. Visit our Cloud Gaming Freebies Page to find everything you need to get started.

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