Cloud Gaming’s Best Secret is Snoost

Snoost. It’s a name that you probably haven’t heard before. They are a small Cloud Gaming company, and they are unique.

While other Cloud Gaming companies charge you by the hour, Snoost gives you an all-you-can-eat buffet of gaming. All starting at just $9 a month. If you’re not already a Cloud Gamer, that might not sound like a big deal. But it is. LiquidSky in comparison also has a $10 monthly plan, but for your money you only get 25 hours of gaming on their low end server, or 12 hours of gameplay on their high end server. That might sound fine until you realize that you don’t get to spend all of those hours on gaming. The hours are also used when you install or update your games. So in reality a smaller amount of time ends up being available for gaming. Snoost realizes that this is a big deal.

For $9 a month, Snoost gives you unlimited hours of gameplay at high settings and 480p resolution. That might sound like low quality, but I think you’ll be surprised at how playable it really is. They also give you the option of stepping up to 720p or 1080p (still unlimited) for a higher price. In testing, those higher resolutions were nice, but we still had a good gaming experience with the 480p package.

In addition to offering unlimited hours of gaming for a low price, Snoost is also very generous with giving out completely free hours of gaming. They have an achievement system that rewards you with free game time for completing specific tasks. An impressive part of this reward system is that most tasks relate to being active in their community. Writing a game review and posting it on their review page will earn you a week of free gaming. You can earn similar rewards for posting on their forums or writing more reviews. It’s a very generous system.

With all of that said, Snoost is not perfect. Their streaming client is a Chrome browser extension, and it’s currently very buggy. Mouse tracking on their Remote Desktop is very unreliable, and the Cloud rig usually takes 10–15 minutes to become ready after you start it up. However, there is a solution to some of these shortcomings. You can install the amazing Parsec Game streaming client on the Snoost Server and have a stellar Cloud Streaming experience. With Parsec as your streaming interface, the gameplay looks crisper and input latency is reduced considerably. Snoost shines most as the backend for your gaming experience, and the experience is very good.

Cloud Gaming is the future of gaming, and it’s refreshing to have it unleashed. It’s feels completely different to relax and just enjoy the gaming experience without having to keep an eye on the clock. Snoost is on to something, and they are one of Cloud Gaming’s best secrets.

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