Flickstiq is now Available on your Kindle

Amazon makes some great Reading Gadgets. They have become a dominant force in the world of great literature. We are pleased to announce that Flickstiq is now available for the Amazon Kindle and Kindle HD series of Readers.

An Exceptional Reading Experience

We chose to partner with Amazon because they provide a premium reading experience. They make some of the best Readers and Reading Apps on the market. Kindle Devices consistently achieve high ratings from users and the media.

It all comes down to user-choice. You can enjoy Flickstiq in your browser on thousands of devices. We also want you to be able to read Flickstiq on your favorite platforms. Kindle is one of the best reading platforms available, and we are thrilled to be able to offer it as an option to you.

If you own a Kindle Device or use the Kindle App, check out Flickstiq on Amazon. You can add Flickstiq to your Kindle by clicking here.

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