Rainway Improves Game Detection

Rainway is starting to feel more like a complete product every day. Almost all of their actual streaming bugs have been squashed. One of their last hurdles is optimizing their game-detection engine. Update 0.2.26 aims to perfect that system. Continue reading “Rainway Improves Game Detection”

Parsec App Added to the Play Store

Parsec’s vision is to make their product available on as many platforms as possible. Their Windows App has become a go-to destination for many Gamers. It has reached the refining stage of development and is largely complete. Today they’ve decided to take another step towards becoming truly multiplatform. Continue reading “Parsec App Added to the Play Store”

Review: Streaming to the Surface Pro 2

When it comes to Game Streaming, equipment matters. The device that you stream to is your gaming interface. It becomes a window into the worlds that you want to play in. Choosing the right device can be the difference between a great Gaming Streaming experience and an awful one.  Continue reading “Review: Streaming to the Surface Pro 2”

BigBox 8.0 Introduces New Features

Those of you that follow Flickstiq on YouTube are familiar with BigBox. While not a streaming company, they do make one of the best user-interfaces for gaming. They’ve become our go-to for adding a controller-friendly UI to our game streaming servers. Recently BigBox reached a milestone in their development with the release of version 8.0. Continue reading “BigBox 8.0 Introduces New Features”

Parsec Fixes Voice Echo and Adds GPU Menu

Parsec continues to enhance their streaming platform with fixes for Voice Chat and GPU selection. This week they released update 144-1 which includes some nice quality-of-life enhancements for streaming.  Continue reading “Parsec Fixes Voice Echo and Adds GPU Menu”

Soapbox: Will there be another Generation of Gaming Computers & Consoles?

It appears that the writing is on the wall. The Internet keeps advancing, and the need for heavy hardware is diminishing. Each generation of gaming console sticks around for longer and longer. We can do more with older computer hardware than ever before.  Continue reading “Soapbox: Will there be another Generation of Gaming Computers & Consoles?”

Rainway Optimizes for Low-End Computers

Rainway is becoming known for their dedication to improving their product. It feels like a substantial update is released almost every day. This week, the team focused on optimizing the client for low-end hardware. During the first few weeks of beta, Rainway worked decently on high-end hardware, but struggled on lower-powered systems.  Continue reading “Rainway Optimizes for Low-End Computers”

First Impressions of the GeForce Now PC Beta

Nvidia is a familiar name in the gaming streaming world. They won gamer’s hearts with their Shield Devices and Grid Streaming Service. Lately they’ve decided to conquer a new side of Game Streaming: Cloud Gaming. Their latest service is called GeForce Now, and it allows you to stream games from their Cloud to a Mac or PC. Continue reading “First Impressions of the GeForce Now PC Beta”

LiquidSky Early 2018 Review

LiquidSky officially Launched for Windows back in March of 2017. With almost a year under its belt, many might be wondering what the service is like today. Does it live up to the advertising and the hype? Is it worth the price? Should you choose the Gamer or the Pro Package? Continue reading “LiquidSky Early 2018 Review”

Rainway Begins adding support for Android

Rainway is already beginning to deliver on their promise of supporting multiple platforms with their game streaming technology. They have already announced future support for Xbox, Android, and iOS. For one of those platforms, the future may come more quickly. Continue reading “Rainway Begins adding support for Android”