Parsec App Added to the Play Store

Parsec’s vision is to make their product available on as many platforms as possible. Their Windows App has become a go-to destination for many Gamers. It has reached the refining stage of development and is largely complete. Today they’ve decided to take another step towards becoming truly multiplatform.Parsec beta has been available on Android for some time. You can go to their website and download the apk file directly to your Android Device. While it’s nice to have it available, this delivery method introduces some problems for Gamers.

One large problem is that in order to install an apk App directly, you have to enable “unknown sources” on your Android Device. This lowers the security of your system and opens up the door to malicious content. It also can be confusing for users that are only accustomed to using the Play Store.

The second problem is that Apps installed outside of the Play Store are not automatically updated. With Parsec, you had to delete the current version of the App and download a fresh one from their website in order to get the latest build.

Because of these limitations, Gamers added a request for a Play Store version of Parsec on Parsec’s Feedback website. Parsec listened, and you can now find their latest build in the Play Store.

It’s important to remember that Parsec is still a beta product. It’s addition to the Play Store does not mean that it’s been released. The Android App isn’t as refined has the Windows Version, and there are still improvements coming. With that said, it’s still exciting to see it available in an official capacity. You can visit the Play Store on your Android Device and download it today.

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