Parsec Enhances Security By Allowing you to Control Permissions

Those of you that follow our YouTube should be familiar with Parsec. It’s one of our favorite Streaming Front-Ends, and it allows you to stream games locally or in the Cloud with ultra low latency at 60 fps. 

As great as Parsec is, there is one issue that’s been a concern for Parsec users. Parsec allows you to share a controller with a friend over the internet so that they can play games with you. It’s an amazing feature that breathes new life into both modern and classic titles. Before Parsec, the option to play splitscreen or local coop games online was virtually non-existent. The problem with this feature is that you were essentially sharing control of your whole computer with someone else. They could fully control your keyboard and mouse and access anything on the computer. Thankfully most of us don’t share our systems with strangers, but it was a security concern none the less.

Parsec took note of this feedback from it’s users and released update 142-1. This updated allows you to set permissions for each friend and each connection. You can choose to give your friend access to a controller, keyboard, mouse, or a combination of those options. This level of control directly relates to the security of sharing with someone else. If you choose to only share a controller (the most common way to play with a friend), you are essentially limiting their control over your computer. Windows does not allow you to natively navigate through the computer with just a controller.

In addition to this permissions feature, Parsec also fixed several lingering network bugs and added the ability to connect to a gaming server without altering the resolution of that server. The resolution enhancement is a much-requested feature from Parsec users. Before this update, when a client connected to a host through Parsec, the Host’s resolution would change to match the client. This isn’t always a big deal, but it can lead to icons on the host’s desktop getting rearranged and to some DPI issues. It’s nice to see that this has been addressed in the latest update.

Parsec also graciously created a trailer showcasing the features of the latest update. Feel free to take a look below, and be sure to support Parsec on their social media.

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