Parsec Fixes Voice Echo and Adds GPU Menu

Parsec continues to enhance their streaming platform with fixes for Voice Chat and GPU selection. This week they released update 144-1 which includes some nice quality-of-life enhancements for streaming. 

Parsec is one of the more polished Game Streaming options available, and they keep getting better. Today they released Update 144-1 which addresses one of the most-reported bugs in the system. Users could experience an echo while using voice chat and sharing the stream with a friend. Basically your voice was transmitted along with your stream. It was captured and then transmitted back. Now users have the option of going into Parsec’s settings and enabling an “Echo Cancelling” toggle. This should solve the issue of having your voice streamed back to you when sharing your session.

In addition to the Echo-Fix, Parsec also added a hosting option that allows you to choose which GPU to use for rendering the stream. This is a welcome addition that enables hosting on systems that have both an integrated and dedicated GPU. This problem previously prevented systems with multiple GPU’s from being able to host at all.

The final major change in version 144-1 is that Parsec is now available in a portable package. This allows users to run Parsec on a computer without being an administrator on that computer. That’s great news for students and workers that don’t have administrative rights to the system that they want to play on. You can find a link for the portable version of Parsec on their website.

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