Rainway Begins adding support for Android

Rainway is already beginning to deliver on their promise of supporting multiple platforms with their game streaming technology. They have already announced future support for Xbox, Android, and iOS. For one of those platforms, the future may come more quickly.

Recently, Rainway CEO Andrew made an announcement through Twitter that they will begin working on improving the mobile experience of their Web App. Although a simple statement, it deserves some breakdown and explanation.

When Rainway first entered into open beta on January 20th, it was only intended to be used between two computers. This was disappointing news to those hoping to experience some multi-platform goodness right away. Although it was officially only intended for computers, unofficially the community did everything that they could to get it working elsewhere. Rainway operates through two components. The first component is the streaming server software running on the latest build of Windows 10. The second component is a web browser on another PC. It is well known that computers are not the only devices that can utilize a browser. Fans tried running it on everything from the Nintendo Switch Browser, to the browsers on Android and iOS. For the most part, it worked poorly on anything that wasn’t a PC.

Andrew’s recent announcement tells Rainway’s community that Rainway is paying attention to their efforts and cares about making the experience better. Although it is expected to take some time before official Rainway Apps are released for Android, it appears that fans may be able to experience it to a degree much sooner.

It is encouraging to see the Rainway team working so hard to make Rainway great. The Rainway staff has been vigilant in tracking down bugs and in improving the system. In addition to optimizing for mobile, Rainway has also recently updated it’s WebRTC technology to allow for low latency remote streaming. Rainway gets better every day, and we expect to be talking about them for a long time to come.

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