Rainway Launches without the Nintendo Switch

Rainway made waves in the gaming world when it released videos of its upcoming PC Game Streaming service running on the Nintendo Switch. They followed these videos with the announcement that Rainway would be entering open Beta on January 20th 2018. 

Fans overwhelmed Rainway’s website on the 20th to see if all of the hype was real. They were disappointed to discover that Rainway’s beta only included PC to PC game streaming. As disappointing as that was, it was understandable because Rainway’s beta wasn’t a demo like other betas. It was really more of an alpha test. The goal was to see how the platform stood up to heavy loads and various computer configurations. Rainway promised that support for more platforms would be coming later. That promise seemed to appease their eager audience until more details emerged.

When Rainway posted their official Read-Me in their Discord Room, people noticed that the Nintendo Switch was not included in the list of confirmed upcoming platforms.

Rainway #read-me Discord

Eventually the reality of the situation emerged. Rainway had indeed created a version of their service for the Nintendo Switch. However, Nintendo had not given permission for Rainway to be released on the Switch platform. Rainway’s CEO explained that they are still waiting to hear back from Nintendo. Representatives for Rainway are still hopeful that Nintendo will eventually give them that permission, but had not heard anything from the gaming giant.

Their hope did little to appease their hungry audience. Nintendo Switch fans were very disappointed to hear that not only was the service not available during the beta; it might not become available at all.

It didn’t help that the parts of Rainway that were available didn’t work very well in the beginning. It took a few days for the system to become stable enough for gamers to try out on PC. Even after a few of the more impactful bugs were squashed, Nvidia users still struggled with random black screens and poor framerates.

Fast forward a week and things are looking a lot better. Rainway released several additional updates for the service, and they announced that they would be releasing version 0.2.0 on 01/31/18 at 11:00 pm EST to resolve the ongoing issues for Nvidia users. It’s finally starting to look like a viable product, and that’s good news for gamers. Even without support for the Nintendo Switch, Rainway will still become available for PC, iOS, Android, and Xbox One.

With that said, everyone is still crossing their fingers for the decision from Nintendo. It will be a really big deal in the gaming world if Nintendo decides to allow Rainway on their platform. That kind of support could push Rainway ahead of its competition and cement its position as a premier destination for PC Game Streaming. Only time will tell, and we will all soon see what the future holds for Rainway.

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