Soapbox: Will there be another Generation of Gaming Computers & Consoles?

It appears that the writing is on the wall. The Internet keeps advancing, and the need for heavy hardware is diminishing. Each generation of gaming console sticks around for longer and longer. We can do more with older computer hardware than ever before. 

The world of gaming right now reminds me of how things were near the end of the movie-rental storefront era. In those days, most brick-and-mortar rental stores laughed at the thought of a future free of of disks and cassettes. We all know how that story played out. I remember near the very end, Blockbuster tried to launch a movie streaming service as a last ditch effort to save their business. It was too little too late, and some of you may not even know who Blockbuster was. That’s how quickly things progress in the world that we live in.

Right now we are nearing the end of the personal-hardware era. The internet is reaching the point of being able to stream high-quality video games in real time. Most people can already do it comfortably on a computer. Many of us can do it on our Smartphone. Cloud Gaming companies are popping up all over the place hoping to get in on the ground-floor of the future. It’s an interesting time to be a gamer.

In addition to the small startup Cloud Gaming companies, we are also seeing larger companies starting to make their move. Nvidia has been known as a premium gaming hardware company for decades. They positioned themselves as the definitive leader in the Gaming Graphics industry. Nvidia is kind of like the Blockbuster of Gaming. They are in a business that is jeopardized by the evolution of Cloud Gaming. It is interesting to see how they are transitioning as a company to continue being relevant in the future.

Nvidia has recently made two moves that ensure the security of their business in the future. They are pioneering the world of car automation with a new series of computer chips designed to made self-driving cars smart and safe. Recently they have also decided to embrace the world of Cloud Gaming with their GeForce Now service. It appears that Nvidia is learning from the mistakes of companies like Blockbuster. They could be fighting against the future, and instead they are embracing it. Not only are they embracing it, but they are setting themselves up to be a giant in the Cloud Gaming world.

Those of us that follow the progress of Cloud Gaming are probably asking whether we will see future generations of Game Consoles and Computers. Many of us are already having great experiences with the current generation of Cloud Gaming. It’s easy to imagine it becoming mainstream. That future isn’t today, and Cloud Gaming isn’t mature enough to replace Gaming Hardware yet. With that said, console companies seem content with the current generation of equipment. Nintendo recently mentioned that they don’t see themselves releasing new hardware within the normal 5-year cycle that we’ve grown accustomed to. It is likely that we will see more gaming-grade PC Hardware coming to market in the foreseeable future. It’s not as clear that we will see future generations of traditional Game Consoles.

No matter what the future holds for gaming, it’s sure to be interesting and exciting. You can bet that Flickstiq will be there to tell you all about it.

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