Flickstiq is having an Art Contest!

Flickstiq is holding it’s first-ever Art Contest! The Backgrounds that we use for our YouTube Videos and Livestreams are a part of our set. They create a mood and capture the attention of our audience. Now you can be a part of creating this experience! Continue reading “Flickstiq is having an Art Contest!”

Snoost closes their Alpha for further development

At Flickstiq, we’ve had a lot of good things to say about Cloud Gaming provider, Snoost. We like the power of their hardware, and we love their inexpensive unlimited pricing. So it’s with mixed feelings that we share the news that they have taken down their service.  Continue reading “Snoost closes their Alpha for further development”

Shadow’s H.265 Support lowers Bandwidth Requirements

It’s been busy at Shadow since they officially launched in the United States back in January. They released an iOS client in Beta for all Shadow Subscribers. Most recently they implemented H.265 Support to reduce Cloud Gaming bandwidth requirements. Continue reading “Shadow’s H.265 Support lowers Bandwidth Requirements”

Snoost Reveals the Tech Powering their Cloud

Flickstiq recently interviewed Snoost CEO Christian Lykke on YouTube. That meeting answered a lot of questions about Snoost, and we are back to learn more. Our most recent interview focuses on the Tech that powers Snoost. Continue reading “Snoost Reveals the Tech Powering their Cloud”

LiquidSky Update 0.3.5 Improves Streaming Quality

LiquidSky is committed to steadily improving their Cloud Gaming Platform. While there is always room to improve, they excel at making their Cloud Gaming experience easy. It’s essentially plug & play. Update 0.3.5 focuses on improving the streaming experience. Continue reading “LiquidSky Update 0.3.5 Improves Streaming Quality”

Vortex Cloud Gaming Early 2018 Review

Vortex is a Cloud Gaming Service from the makers of Remotr. They offer 100 Hours of Gaming for $9.99 per month. Vortex’s approach is very similar to what Nvidia is doing with GeForce Now. They offer a large library of games that are a mixture of free and paid titles. So how does Vortex actually perform? Continue reading “Vortex Cloud Gaming Early 2018 Review”

Simplay Adds Support for Parsec

Simplay is an up-and-coming Cloud Gaming Service available in Europe. They offer Unlimited Cloud Gaming at 1080p 60 fps for only $19.99  $26.99 per month. Their fans have found that Simplay works best when paired with Parsec. With that said, using Parsec on Simplay isn’t an easy experience. That all changes today. Continue reading “Simplay Adds Support for Parsec”

How to Enable In-Game Voice Chat on a Cloud Server

At Flickstiq, we are fans of Cloud Gaming. We like that Cloud Gaming frees you from financial side of Video Game Hardware. The freedom that Cloud Gaming provides can be very liberating, but not everything is perfect. Most Cloud Gaming Services don’t allow you to use your Microphone at home to chat with your friends in-game. Let’s fix that. Continue reading “How to Enable In-Game Voice Chat on a Cloud Server”

Warhammer Vermintide 2 Giveaway (Ended)

At Flickstiq we appreciate our community, and we know that it’s exciting to get a new game. We are giving away a free copy of Warhammer Vermintide 2! The game releases on 03/08/18. Continue reading “Warhammer Vermintide 2 Giveaway (Ended)”

Parsec Further enhances Security with Approved Apps

Parsec is a name that should be familiar to all Gamers. Their Game Streaming App offers ultra-low latency Game Streaming both at home and in the Cloud. Just when you think that their product is largely finished, they find new ways to make it better. This week’s focus is Security. Continue reading “Parsec Further enhances Security with Approved Apps”