Parsec Further enhances Security with Approved Apps

Parsec is a name that should be familiar to all Gamers. Their Game Streaming App offers ultra-low latency Game Streaming both at home and in the Cloud. Just when you think that their product is largely finished, they find new ways to make it better. This week’s focus is Security.

It’s all about Security

While Parsec is a great product, they received some early criticism about the security of their service. They took this feedback in stride and have been steadily improving the security of their App.

They started by locking down which accessories can be controlled by a remote guest. This week’s update takes system security to a new level. Now you can also control which applications on the host computer can be used by a remote guest. Gone are the days of being forced to share your entire desktop with your guest (your questionable video collection is now safe). Until you flag an App as being available to your guest, they won’t be able to view it or interact with it. This also applies to Apps that are already running on your system prior to your streaming session.

New options for Parsec Cloud Gaming (in progress)

We recently had the opportunity to interview Snoost CEO Christian Lykke on our YouTube Channel. We learned quite a few new things about their Cloud Gaming Service (and you should totally check out that video). One detail that emerged is that they are looking for ways to make Snoost more Parsec-friendly. Many Gamers already use Snoost and Parsec together, but it’s not the easiest thing to setup. Snoost is aware of this, and they are investigating methods that will make it easier to use Parsec on Snoost. One option suggested by the community is to preinstall Parsec on the Snoost computer and flag it so that it doesn’t get removed when the server is restarted. That would work for us.

What do you think? Would you be excited to see Snoost team up with Parsec? How do you feel about Parsec’s approach to sharing security? Let us know in the Comments (and check out Parsec’s new feature trailer below).

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