GeForce Now adds Network Enhancements

GeForce Now is becoming a go-to service for many Cloud Gamers. They offer a plug & play experience that is rare in this industry. Even though their service is already very good, they are continuing to look for opportunities to make it even better. Today they released an update that is all about Network Enhancements.

When we recently took a first-look at GeForce Now, we noted that their settings were very limited. You aren’t given much feedback about how your network is handling the Game-Streaming process. That changes today.

Network Overlay

Update focuses on Network Enhancements. Nvidia has added a Network Quality Status option to assist you with monitoring your network. This option enables an in-game overlay that displays in the upper right corner of your screen while you play games.

Credit Nvidia Knowledgbase

By default this overlay will only pop up if you’re experiencing network problems. However, you do have complete control over this new feature. You can choose to keep it off permanently, or keep it always on. These new settings can be accessed from the gear icon in the top right corner of the main app screen.

Credit Nvidia Knowledgebase

Quality Detection

Before today, GeForce Now only tested your system for 1080p streaming capabilities. If your machine didn’t meet their requirements for 1080p streaming, you would see an error message.

Today they’ve expanded this option to include 720p streaming detection. That’s great news for Gamers with low-end hardware or low-speed internet connections.

The GeForce Now App should automatically update on your computer when you open it. If it doesn’t, you can download a fresh copy from their website. GeForce Now is currently in closed beta, and you have to be invited in order to participate. If you’re not already in the beta, you can sign up for it through their beta website.

So what do you think about these new features? Is it helpful to see some network quality feedback? Are you interested in gaming at 720p? Let us know in the comments!

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