Humble Bundle Monthly – April 2018 – Mafia III

Do you want great Games that you can play on your Cloud Server? Is your budget smaller than your goal? Humble Bundle Monthly is the answer to your problem! Continue reading to learn more about their April 2018 Bundle.

With Humble Bundle, you get a curated Bundle of PC Games every month for $12. And we’re talking big-name games that you’ll actually want to play (like Mafia III, Dark Souls III, Civilization VI, etc).

How it works

  • The First Friday of every month is Game-Day!
  • You receive a Mystery Box of Games that you get to own and keep forever
  • The value of your Bundle is always at least $100 (usually a lot more)
  • 5% of your Humble Bundle subscription fee goes to Charity
  • As part of your subscription you also save 10% on any other purchases made through the Humble Bundle store

April 2018

Humble Bundle reveals a few titles for each upcoming Bundle ahead of time (something to get you excited about what you’re about to get). This month, they revealed that Mafia III is part of April’s Bundle.

At Flickstiq, our focus is Cloud Gaming and Game Streaming. So… you guessed it! We tested Mafia III in the Cloud (and it runs great).

If you’re interested in getting your own Humble Bundle Monthly subscription, you can grab it here (and support Flickstiq when you use our link). You can also check out that Mafia III Cloud Gameplay below.

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