Parsec Adds Party Finder and Dark Mode

At Parsec, playing with friends is important. They’ve become well-known for enabling Gamers to play offline games with their friends over the internet. This gets even easier today with the addition of the Party Finder. 

Party-Finder Beta

After updating the Parsec App, you should notice two new features. The first is the new Party Finder beta. Party Finder allows you to find players from around the world that want to play local-multiplayer games online. In the past, you could only play with people that you knew. Party Finder is all about meeting new people that want to enjoy this unique feature.

Right now Party Finder is an invite-only beta. You can sign up for the beta by clicking the “Party Finder” tab at the top of the Parsec App. You will be notified when your account is enabled for the beta.

Dark Mode

In addition to the Party Finder menu, there is also a new Appearance Menu. Under Appearance, you’ll find the option to choose your theme. The default theme is the Light (white) theme that you’re already using. There is also a new option to choose a Dark theme. The Dark theme adds a modern aesthetic to Parsec and may be easier on your eyes.

Today’s updates are only for the PC version of Parsec. The Android App does not support these features yet.

So what do you think? Are you a fan of Parsec’s gaming-sharing feature? Are you excited for the Party Finder beta? How do you feel about the new Dark theme? Let us know what you think about these things in the comments!

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