Playing Fortnite on a Low-End PC

Battle Royale has taken the Gaming world by storm. It started with H1Z1, expanded with PUBG, and now we have Fortnite. You’ve seen it all over the news, and you’re probably wanting to try it for yourself. But what if your computer isn’t powerful enough to play it? We have good news, it is!

Cloud Gaming to the Rescue

You’ve probably heard high-techy Gamers talking about Cloud Gaming. Maybe you even looked into it, but haven’t taken the plunge. Now is a great time to let your love of Fortnite take you to the next level!

With Cloud Gaming, you are no longer limited by the device that you decide to play on. Have a Macbook or an Ultrabook? No problem! Cloud Gaming doesn’t rely on your computer’s power to handle Gaming. Instead your games are powered by a super-computer in the Cloud. You’re basically just streaming those games to your device at home (kind of like Netflix-for-Games). So let’s walk-through what it would look like to use a Cloud Server to play Fortnite.

The Steps

  1. Pick your Cloud Gaming Service Provider. This one is important, but isn’t hard. There are quite a few companies out there offering Cloud Gaming services. Many of them even let you install your own Games on their servers. You want to pick a company that fits your budget and that has a server in your area. From there, it’s just about checking out the perks that each company offers. Some of them are inexpensive, some are ultra-powerful, and some have great mobile apps. The choice is yours. Examples of Cloud Gaming Companies are Paperspace, Snoost, LiquidSky, GeForce Now, Vortex, Simplay, and Azure. Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for setup guides. We cover each company in detail.
  2. Connect to your Cloud Server from your computer at home. This one is pretty straight forward. After you’ve signed up for a Cloud Gaming Service and activated your personal Gaming Server, you’re ready to connect to it. Make sure that you install any necessary Apps for the service that you chose. After you’ve logged into your Cloud Server, you may have one remaining step before you can begin playing Fortnite. Some Cloud Providers have Fortnite pre-installed on your Server. If so, then great! Get to Gaming. Otherwise you will need to download a copy to your Cloud Server (it’s exactly like installing a program on your computer at home).
  3. Optimize Fortnite Settings if needed. Some Cloud Providers have Fortnite all optimized and ready to go (like GeForce Now). With others, you may need to play with your graphic settings to get everything smoothed out. In general, you’ll want to play in a borderless window, and you may need to tweak settings like Shadows to get the best framerates. Most of the Cloud Providers that we mentioned can play Fortnite on Ultra Quality. Just be aware that there are settings that you can mess with if it doesn’t feel perfect right away.
  4. Start Playing! At this point, everything should feel perfect, and your Gaming quality should be amazing. Feel free to brag to your friends about how you’re having the same experience on a $200 laptop that they’re having on their $2000 Gaming Computer (and then show them this article).

If you run into any issues as you’re getting started with Cloud Gaming, you’re welcome to join Flickstiq’s Discord Server. There are great people in the Cloud Gaming community that would be happy to help you.

So were you able to solve your Fortnite Gaming dilemma? Are you enjoying it on Ultra Quality on your low-powered computer? Let us know in the comments!

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