Shadow prepares to release New Apps

Shadow cares deeply about user-feedback. They’ve been paying attention to what their users are saying, and it all comes together in their latest update. This week, Shadow users can look forward to new Apps on all platforms.

Shadow is preparing to release new Beta versions of their App on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Shadow Box. Let’s break down what you can expect from this week’s update:


Shadow is implementing a brand new Launcher for their App. The Launcher promises to be “more beautiful, stronger, faster, more… (courtesy Shadow Discord)”. It’s important to get into your Games quickly, and the new Launcher aims to do just that.

Dynamic Quality is also making a return in this update. Shadow previously released this to the community, and then quickly retracted it. They’ve worked out the bugs, and are now confident that their quality-adjusting tech is working smoothly. Dynamic Quality is designed to ensure a smooth experience even as your internet connection fluctuates.

Shadow is also experimenting with using the TCP protocol to improve audio quality. Mouse and input stability should also get better. The TCP protocol is all about the integrity of your data. It ensures that all data is received in a reliable fashion.

In addition to Dynamic Quality, this update also adds “Dynamic Framerate”. With Dynamic Framerate, your FPS will be adjusted according to your hardware capabilities. This can prevent crashes or excessive stuttering.

Shadow is also expanding their bandwidth options with a new setting for 15 Mbps. This is a smart move that will be a welcome addition. There are many situations where it’s hard for users to maintain 20 Mbps download. And 10 Mbps is a substantial decrease in streaming quality. The addition of 15 Mbps is a great compromise between accessibility and quality.

Bug Fixes

Even though Shadow is a decently polished product, there are still bugs that need to be addressed. This week’s update takes care of quite a few of them.

Some users reported seeing a flashing pixel in the top left corner of the screen. You can expect that to be gone after installing this week’s update. Shadow also fixed a bug that could cause a green screen in H.265 for some resolutions. Lastly, with this update your cursor should become more stable (no more disappearing or freezing).

Keep an eye out for this substantial update. It’s scheduled to be available to subscribers during the week of April 17th. Let us know what you think of this week’s update in the comments!

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