EA acquires Cloud Gaming Assets from GameFly

EA recently acquired Cloud Gaming assets from GameFly. GameFly’s technology will allow them to deepen their capabilities and expertise in the Cloud Gaming industry. So what comes next?

A Brief History of GameFly

GameFly entered the Gaming world back in 2002 as a mail-based video game rental-service. Back then, they were mainly competing against brick-and-mortar businesses like Blockbuster. Everything changed when Netflix started becoming popular. In 2009, GameFly filed a lawsuit against the US Postal Service for favoring Netflix by sorting their DVDs for free. Shortly after, GameFly began looking for ways to expand their services.

In 2011, they acquired Direct2Drive and introduced the “GameFly Client”. Initially, their Client allowed Gamers to rent and download games to their computer. This service later evolved to include Cloud Gaming.

The GameFly Cloud Gaming Service

GameFly likes to refer to their Cloud Gaming service as “Instant Gaming Gratification”. Their service was available on Amazon’s FireTV and various Smart TV’s. For $10 per month, you could gain unlimited access to their library of Game titles.

The service itself was also pretty impressive. It supported Cloud Game Saves and Couch Coop. GameFly also ensured that their service was very accessible. You only needed a minimum of 5 Mbps to play smoothly.

The future with EA

EA (Electronic Arts) acquired GameFly’s Cloud Gaming technology on May 22nd 2018. They also acquired GameFly’s Cloud Gaming Staff. The rest of GameFly’s assets remain under the control of GameFly. This is an interesting move for EA that suggests that they have a strong interest in Cloud Gaming.

“Cloud gaming is an exciting frontier that will help us to give even more players the ability to experience games on any device from anywhere… We’re thrilled to bring this talented team’s expertise into EA as we continue to innovate and expand the future of games and play.” – Ken Moss, Chief Technology Officer of Electronic Arts

EA currently is recognized for their portfolio of Game titles that include the Battlefield Series and Madden NFL. They also operate the EA Origin service on PC and Xbox.

While they haven’t revealed all of their plans for Cloud Gaming, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine them integrating it into Origin. Origin already plays host to services like EA Access. Though an EA Access subscription, Gamers gain access to an instant library of acclaimed titles that they can play for $5 per month. Adding Cloud Gaming to this subscription could allow Gamers to play this library of Games on even more devices (and without waiting for lengthy downloads).

What do you think? Would an EA Cloud Gaming service interest you? Had you tried GameFly’s Cloud option in the past? Let us know in the comments!

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