GeForce Now is Free on Nvidia Shield

Nvidia recently notified Gamers that GeForce Now on Nvidia Shield will be free starting May 15th 2018. Their Cloud Gaming service previously required a $7.99 monthly subscription. So what does this mean for fans of GeForce Now?

Shield Vs Computer

It’s important to note that GeForce Now on the Nvidia Shield is different than GeForce Now on a Computer. The Shield version provides you with an instant library of Games that you can play as part of the service. You don’t have to own these Games to play them through the GeForce Now.

GeForce Now on a computer is different. Any Games that cost money normally cost money to play through GeForce Now. You need to have ownership of any titles that you want to play. The only Games that don’t cost money on the computer are Games that are free-to-play outside of GeForce Now.

Switching to a Free Model

Nvidia emailed existing GeForce Now Shield owners to let them know that GeForce Now on Nvidia Shield is transitioning to a free service. It’s free right now for new users, and existing users won’t be billed again after May 15th.

“Over the next few months, we’ll be upgrading your GeForce NOW service. You’ll continue to have access to your favorite membership titles and games you’ve purchased through the GeForce NOW store. To reward our loyal GeForce NOW gamers, we’ll stop billing your account as of May 15th, 2018 to make the transition as smooth as possible.” – Nvidia

At the end of their email, Nvidia says “Stay tuned for more details in future updates”. This suggests that more changes are coming to the GeForce Now service on Nvidia Shield. It’s always possible that they will merge GeForce Now from PC/Mac with the Shield version. It’s anyone’s guess what that will look like if they do.

Are you a Shield Gamer that subscribed to GeForce Now? Are you excited to see the service become free? Let us know in the comments!

We also want to say a big Thank-You to JoshuaT from the Flickstiq Discord Server. He brought this news to our attention. You’re the best!

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