Hey everyone, Zach here!

Hey everyone, I’m Zach Brownfield and I’m happy to join Flickstiq as a contributor! I’ve been producing content on cloud gaming for well over a year now and have tested several platforms in that time including Parsec, LiquidSky, Shadow and GeForce Now! Josh recently asked me to join the Flickstiq team and I thought this would be a great chance the expand my coverge of cloud gaming.

Cloud gaming has massive potential and I strongly believe is on the verge of going mainstream! There are some amazing qualities about Cloud Gaming, but it also has its quirks! That’s why we’re here at Flickstiq, to cover all things cloud gaming. So buckle up folks, make sure you’re subscribed too as this won’t be a journey you’ll want to miss. It’s not everyday that we see a platform have a fundamental change in how it works!

Seeing as I’m new here I’d love to hear what kind of content you’d like to see added to Flickstiq. Leave a comment below! Thanks for reading this everyone and I look forward to bringing a solid stream of new content to Flickstiq!

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