LiquidSky is 10x better on 5G

In a recent article, we shared that Verizon is providing funding and 5G access to LiquidSky. The developers at LiquidSky recently made a formal announcement of this partnership on their blog. They also revealed the initial results from their experience with 5G.

Significant improvements

LiquidSky has been working with Verizon for the last 6 months. They’ve been testing their Cloud Gaming technology on Verizon’s upcoming 5G network. Their initial results have been impressive!

“Based on preliminary controlled experiments we’ve seen as much as a 10x improvement in latency and jitter.” – LiquidSky Blog

LiquidSky recently met with representatives from Verizon to share their results. They were also featured on CNBC to demonstrate the quality performance difference between 4G and 5G technology on mobile devices.

5G is about more than just Speed

The upcoming wave of 5G cellular technology is impressive. Snapdragon’s X50 5G modem supports speeds of up to 5 gigabits per second. To put that into perspective, today’s 4G technology averages 19.42 Mbps in the U.S. With such performance, 5G will surpass most of the wired broadband that we use at home today. As exciting as speed is, 5G has more to offer.

Today’s 4G technology struggles under a heavy load. When large numbers of users are in the same vicinity, 4G can become inoperable (we’re looking at you Pokemon Go Fest). 5G supports a much higher capacity of users compared to 4G. The 5G standard is required to support up to a million devices per square kilometer (according to International Telecommunications Standards).

5G is also expected to greatly reduce transmission latency. This is one of the key features that has LiquidSky so interested in 5G. It will potentially have a significant positive impact on Cloud Gaming.

Challenges to overcome

When you sum it all up, it’s very exciting to see a Cloud Gaming company like LiquidSky investing in 5G. This upcoming technology has the potential to change the way that we connect to the internet. With that said, there are some hurdles that need to be figured out before it’s launched.

5G is expected to be a very expensive technology. Cellular carriers are predicting that the price of unlimited data may increase by as much as $30 per month. That’s on top of what we already pay for our cell phone plans right now. And we are still a long way from seeing 5G become mainstream.

Some companies are hoping to launch a version of 5G in 2019. It’s not expected to be more widely adopted until sometime in 2020.

What do you think? Is 5G the future? Will it have a significant impact on Cloud Gaming? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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