LiquidSky updates their Plans and Pricing

LiquidSky is a popular Cloud Gaming Service that is available on Windows and Android. They recently announced a complete re-work of their Plans and Pricing. These changes are based on feedback from the LiquidSky Community. Read on to learn how the new plans will work.

Why the Change?

Gamers have provided LiquidSky with a lot of feedback about their service and pricing. LiquidSky is delivering on those requests, and they are also taking this opportunity to resolve some outstanding problems.

They’ve realized that their existing plans provide Gamers with more SkyCredits than most actually use. Right now users are accumulating massive amounts of SkyCredits that would end up being impossible to consume. This imbalance creates the potential for problems down the road.

Plan Comparison

Let’s take a look at their existing plans compared them to what’s coming next. Right now LiquidSky offers both monthly subscriptions and Pay-as-you-go options.

Current Pay-as-you-go pricing
Current Monthly Subscription Pricing

LiquidSky is doing away with Pay-as-you-go options altogether. The Pay-as-you-go selection is being replaced with their new Beginner plan. It’s not based on a subscription and will not automatically renew.

New Plans

New Pricing Details

So let’s talk about some specifics for each of the new plans. They do differ compared to what the old plans offered, and the value of SkyCredits has also changed.


The Beginner plan is replacing the old Pay-as-you-go option. It’s also $5 more compared to the original plan that it’s replacing (it now costs $14.99 per purchase). With the Beginner plan, you still get to choose between the Gamer and Pro cloud machines. That part hasn’t changed. The Gamer machine consumes 2 SkyCredits per minute, and the Pro machine uses 4 SkyCredits per minute. This still equals between 12-25 hours of Gaming depending on which machine you choose. With the Beginner plan, you also receive 200 GB of space for your Games on the server. To sum up the differences, the new plan costs $5 more per month and the value of SkyCredits has changed.


Prestige is the first of the two subscription options offered in LiquidSky’s new pricing selection. It costs $29.99 per month and Gamers receive 6000 SkyCredits (up to 100 hours of Gaming). This is an increase of 0.05 cents per hour compared to the original $19.99 plan that offered up to 80 hours of Gaming. Just like the original plan, Prestige comes with LiquidSky’s VIP Gamer Club. This perk provides you with a 20% discount on the purchase of additional SkyCredits, an option to manually change your Data Center, and Doubled Referral Point rewards. The Prestige plan comes with 500 GB of Game storage (more than doubling the Beginner plan). It consumes 1 SkyCredit per minute for the Gamer machine and 2 SkyCredits per minute for the Pro machine.


The last subscription option is the Prestige+ plan. It’s billed annually, so you end up paying $299.99 up front (equivalent to $24.99 per month). With the Prestige+ plan, you get 750 GB of Game storage, 86,400 SkyCredits (equivalent to 7,200 SkyCredits per month), and access to the Founders Club. The Founders Club includes all of the perks of VIP, but also adds unique community flair, a custom community title, and a custom community profile image. This is the first time that LiquidSky has offered an annual plan, so there isn’t a direct comparison available. It breaks down to costing roughly 0.20 cents per hour.

Additional Changes

In addition to these new plans, LiquidSky is removing SkyCredit Rollover. With the old plans, any unused SkyCredits were rolled over each month. It was possible to accumulate large amounts of Game Time. With the new plans, your SkyCredits are reset at the beginning of each month.

If you have not made a purchase since April 1st 2018, you will be required to purchase a new plan before July 2nd 2018. If you don’t, you will not be able to keep your existing purchased SkyCredits. Users must also spend at least 1 SkyCredit every 90 days or their balance will be removed and their account will be deactivated.

What about Unlimited?

LiquidSky did consider offering an Unlimited option, but ultimately decided that it wasn’t realistic at this point in their development.

“We have not turned our back on unlimited (trust us, we want it as much as you do), but given our limited resources, offering unlimited opens up several risks to our service that wouldn’t be good for our business or our users at this time. As LiquidSky stands right now, unlimited would just be asking for trouble. We are, however, continuing to work towards getting the platform to a place where unlimited would be doable.” -LiquidSky Blog

LiquidSky’s new pricing is different from their current plans, but is also similar in many ways. What do you think? Are you happy with these changes? Which plan appeals to you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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