Loudplay Brings Cloud Gaming to Russia

Loudplay is a Cloud Gaming service that is currently available in Russia and surround areas (Ukraine, Belarus). They are aggressively expanding to other regions and plan to be a premiere option for Cloud Gamers.


Loudplay is currently powered by Nvidia’s M60 and P40 GPU’s. They plan to start offering the V100 in the near future. Their servers are hosted through Huawei Cloud, and they are a pay-as-you-go service (starting at 9 rubles per hour).

They use a proprietary streaming engine that supports direct capturing, h.265, adaptive bitrate, and hardware decoding. Loudplay’s team has extensive experience with media streaming and prides themselves on providing a low-latency experience.

They aren’t officially partnered with Parsec, but they also don’t prevent you from using it if you’d like. Loudplay gives you access to a complete Windows Server 2016 desktop. You’re welcome to install games from any service (Steam, Origin, Battle.net, etc). They should also be compatible with Rainway’s upcoming Cloud-Friendly streaming App. So you have a lot of options when it comes to customizing your streaming experience.


Loudplay is currently only available to Russia and surrounding territories. And they only accept rubles as a currency for their services. They do plan to expand internationally, and they are on track to support to at least one additional region in 2018. Users will be able to pay with additional currencies as Loudplay continues to grow.

The Loudplay website is only available in Russian (you can get around this by using a Chrome Browser and choosing to translate the site). As they expand, they will add an English version of their website.

If you live in a supported region, you can try Loudplay right now. They’ve been kind enough to provide our Community with a promo code that will grant you a 60 minute free trial of their platform. Use promo code FLICKSTIQ to access this trial.

If you don’t live in a supported region, Loudplay is still a company to keep an eye on. They plan to expand as quickly as possible. At Flickstiq, we look forward to testing their service when they reach the United States.

Let us know what you think! Have you been able to test Loudplay? We’d love to hear about your experience. Let us know what you think in the comments.


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