Shadow Reduces Pricing for their Cloud Gaming Service!

Shadow just announced that they’re reducing the pricing for their service. To put it more accurately, they’re eliminating price reductions for long-term commitments. In the U.S. that means that Shadow now costs $34.95 for everyone! Continue reading “Shadow Reduces Pricing for their Cloud Gaming Service!”

Loudplay Brings Cloud Gaming to Russia

Loudplay is a Cloud Gaming service that is currently available in Russia and surround areas (Ukraine, Belarus). They are aggressively expanding to other regions and plan to be a premiere option for Cloud Gamers.

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Surprise! The Steam Link App is available on Android (Today)

Contrary to what Valve shared in their Press Release, the Steam Link App is now available on Android (in beta). You can download it today and start playing games! Read on to find out what it’s like.

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Steam Controller will work wirelessly on both iOS and Android

The upcoming Steam Link App will allow the Steam Controller to connect wirelessly to iOS and Android Devices. Valve recently confirmed that both platforms will support the Steam Controller, and that a cable is not required.

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LiquidSky is 10x better on 5G

In a recent article, we shared that Verizon is providing funding and 5G access to LiquidSky. The developers at LiquidSky recently made a formal announcement of this partnership on their blog. They also revealed the initial results from their experience with 5G.

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What is the Cheapest Cloud Gaming Service?

Cloud Gaming is an exciting new technology for Gamers. There are many companies that now offer Cloud Gaming Services. With that said, pricing can be all over the place. Which companies offer the cheapest Cloud Gaming services? Let’s find out!

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How’s Rainway doing after 100 Days?

Rainway has officially been available in open-beta for 100 days. A lot has changed during that time, and they hosted a Q&A on Reddit to talk to the Community. Find out what’s happening with Nintendo Switch Support, how they feel about the upcoming Steam Link App, and more!

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LiquidSky Receives Funding from Alley!

Alley (Verizon) recently launched a campaign to fund start-ups that will take advantage of 5G network technology. In a recent posting on Verizon’s website, it was revealed that LiquidSky was among a group of startups who received funding in December 2017.

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Can Cloud Gaming Replace Console Gaming?

Sometimes it seems like Cloud Gaming is targeted at PC Gamers. The reality is that it offers a lot to Console Gamers as well. You don’t have to sit in front of a computer to have a good Cloud Gaming experience. With that said, how does it work if you’re only comfortable with Console Gaming?

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Steam Brings In-Home Streaming to Smartphones

Steam is famous among Gamers for it’s impressive Game Library. They were also among the first to offer a form of Game Streaming. Currently their In-Home Streaming is limited to Computers and the Steam Link Console. That’s all about to change very soon!

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