How to Setup a Cheap Low-Priority Microsoft Azure Server for Cloud Gaming

Microsoft offers a powerful option for Cloud Gamers with their Azure system. As nice as their system is, a standard server can be very expensive. In this article, we will teach you how to setup a Low-Priority server that can cost as much as 60% less than a standard server.

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What is Cloud Gaming?

At Flickstiq, we talk a lot about Cloud Gaming. Heck, we are completely dedicated to Cloud Gaming. With that said, we get asked a lot about what Cloud Gaming actually is. Most Gamers are familiar with Traditional Gaming. How is Cloud Gaming different?

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First Look at Simplay Cloud Gaming

Simplay is a Cloud Gaming company that’s getting a lot of attention for it’s affordable unlimited service. They offer unlimited hours of Cloud Gaming starting at $19.99 $26.99 per month. With native support for Parsec, Simplay is poised to disrupt the Cloud Gaming market.

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Hey everyone, Zach here!

Hey everyone, I’m Zach Brownfield and I’m happy to join Flickstiq as a contributor! I’ve been producing content on cloud gaming for well over a year now and have tested several platforms in that time including Parsec, LiquidSky, Shadow and GeForce Now! Josh recently asked me to join the Flickstiq team and I thought this would be a great chance the expand my coverge of cloud gaming.

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Nvidia vs AMD: H.264 Compression Latency Comparison

Nvidia and AMD are long-time rivals for dominance in the Computer Gaming space. They both specialize in providing cutting-edge Graphics for the most demanding Games. They also play a vital role in powering your Game Streaming experience. Which one offers the lowest H.264 Compression Latency?

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What is the Right Price for Cloud Gaming?

How much should a Cloud Gaming Provider charge for their service? As you start browsing the different options that are available, you’ll find that the price tends to be all over the place. Is it wrong for one company to charge $60 while another charges $10?

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