Shadow Reduces Pricing for their Cloud Gaming Service!

Shadow just announced that they’re reducing the pricing for their service. To put it more accurately, they’re eliminating price reductions for long-term commitments. In the U.S. that means that Shadow now costs $34.95 for everyone!

If you previously purchased Shadow without a commitment, then this new pricing structure translates into a $15 per month savings. Your month-to-month price will go from $49.95 to $34.95! I have personally been suggesting the 3-month commitment to people, which was previously $39.95.

Their new pricing makes Shadow more attractive to the average gamer who may only play for 40-50 hours per week. At this point, hourly services such as Paperspace start to become more costly, and that’s where unlimited services like Shadow really shine! Shadow has very similar performance to Paperspace’s P5000 hardware tier (which starts to become more expensive around the 45 hour mark).

Shadow’s new pricing is also great news for those who only need a temporary gaming solution. If you’re traveling and don’t want to lug around your gaming desktop, the removal of commitments makes it easier sign up for a month.

Is this a Worldwide Pricing Change?

It’s unknown at the time of writing this article whether Shadow’s new pricing without commitments applies worldwide. I’ve changed my location on their website, and some locations (such as the United Kingdom) now only show the lowest cost price. At the same time others (such as France) still show multiple price offerings. It could be that the website hasn’t been fully updated or that the pricing change only applies to certain areas.

U.S. Pricing

France Pricing

Compared to other Services

Shadow’s new pricing makes it more competitive with other established Cloud Gaming Services. As mentioned earlier, Paperspace’s P5000 system is similar. Playing 40 hours on the P5000 starts at $33 per month (with the lowest tier of storage). LiquidSky’s Pro tier costs 0.83 per hour, which also brings it to $33 for 40 hours of Gameplay. It’s easy to see the strategy behind Shadow’s new pricing.

Shadow’s new pricing puts them in the same price range as their competition, but let’s look closer. We mentioned that Paperspace’s P5000 system starts at $33 for 40 hours. But that’s only if you choose the lowest amount of storage ($5 for 50 GB). LiquidSky costs $33 for 40 hours, but their hardware is considerably under-powered compared to Shadow.

With Shadow, you get 256 GB of Storage and unlimited hours of gaming for their $34 price. On top of that, Shadow is running a full version of Windows 10 that includes the Windows Store. It’s the only Cloud Gaming service that is compatible with games like Gears of War and Forza. Shadow is starting to look very interesting!

We are still waiting for Shadow to expand to additional regions of the United States. They also still need to make their Shadow Box available to Gamers in the U.S. So what do you think? Is this new pricing enough to make you consider Shadow? Let us know in the comments!



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