What is Cloud Gaming?

At Flickstiq, we talk a lot about Cloud Gaming. Heck, we are completely dedicated to Cloud Gaming. With that said, we get asked a lot about what Cloud Gaming actually is. Most Gamers are familiar with Traditional Gaming. How is Cloud Gaming different?

What is Cloud Gaming?


Traditional Gaming involves using your own Hardware to power your Gaming Experience. Your Computer or Game Console is actually rendering Graphics and making everything happen. You are also typically dealing with a tethered experience. The Computer or Game Console has to be attached to a non-mobile screen in order to be useful. There are a few exceptions to this rule (like the Nintendo Switch), but generally this is how it is for most people. What the Nintendo Switch can’t do is allow you to play your Games on other devices.

Cloud Gaming is different. Instead of using your device to power your Gaming Experience, Cloud Gaming is powered by a server over the internet. The server does all of the heavy lifting, and your device is merely streaming audio and video. It’s almost like watching a movie on Netflix, but you’re playing a Video Game. This creates an advantage compared to Traditional Gaming.

With Cloud Gaming, you can choose which device you want to play on. And you can change devices anytime that you want. The device only needs to be capable of handling a simple video stream. It opens up the door to playing games on Smartphones, Laptops, Ultrabooks, Tablets, and older Desktops. You can even enjoy Ultra Quality Gaming on a $30 Raspberry Pi!

Cloud Gaming is the Future

People are interested in having access to more Games for less money. Cloud Gaming makes that dream possible! With Traditional Gaming, your first step is to invest hundreds of dollars into Gaming Hardware. And that’s before you purchase any Game content.

When the Xbox One first launched, I was there to buy it at Midnight. Because the Xbox One was $500, I was also able to purchase one game. That brought my investment to almost $600, and I had one game that I could play on my new system.

With Cloud Gaming, you don’t have to purchase a powerful device to have a powerful experience. I could have taken the $600 that I spent on the Xbox One and purchased a $200 Laptop instead. That would have left me $400 for Games!

Companies in the Gaming industry are aware of these numbers, and many are gearing up for a streaming future. The expectation is that Cloud Gaming will become the mainstream way of enjoying Games. The official term is Games as a Service. It means that Gamers are going to have more money to invest into Games because they aren’t spending nearly as much on Hardware. It’s a winning scenario for both Gamers and Developers.

How does it work?

So we’ve talked about what Cloud Gaming is, but how does it actually work? Cloud Gaming Service Providers build networks of powerful servers in locations around the world. They create an App or website that allows you to connect to those servers with your devices. Technologies like those offered by Parsec and Rainway allow you to stream Games over the internet at ultra low Latency. The end result is that you can play Games the way that you’re used to. It works with a Mouse & Keyboard or with a Gaming Controller. The experience can really be what you want it to be.

How do you get started?

Getting started is an easy and fun experience! Flickstiq.com is dedicated to Game Streaming and Cloud Gaming, so its a great resource for information. You can also dive even deeper on our YouTube Channel. There are many Cloud Gaming Service Providers to choose from. You can absolutely find one that meets your needs and budget.

So what do you think? Have you tried Cloud Gaming? Do you feel that it’s a viable option compared to Traditional Gaming? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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