Blacknut makes Cloud Gaming Accessible

Blacknut is a Cloud Gaming company that prides themselves on accessibility. With a catalog of over 100 titles, Blacknut is rapidly growing. Their recent support of Amazon Fire TV is a sign of their dedication to multiplatform Gaming. Read on to learn more about Blacknut.


Blacknut is currently available in the UK, France, and Germany. They do not limit themselves to one Cloud Network. You might find yourself connecting to AWS, Azure, Google, or OVH depending on your location and Game title. Blacknut has plans to add IBM and Alibaba networks in the future as they continue expanding.

In order to enjoy an optimal experience with Blacknut, you’ll need at least 6 Mbps of download speed. This requirement is surprisingly low considering that services like GeForce Now require upwards of 50 Mbps for a full HD experience.

Game Selection

Blacknut is proud of how accessible their service is to Gamers. You can currently enjoy Blacknut on PC, Mac, Linux, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV. When you launch Blacknut, you are greeted by a list of supported titles. Blacknut focuses on helping you to discover great Games to play. Their catalog is currently filled with many curated lesser-known titles and a few great indie games. They do plan to add additional AAA Games as soon as licensing is available.

Many of their Games support playing with just the Amazon or Android TV Remotes. The result is that Blacknut is very approachable and can be family-friendly. In addition to remote-friendly titles, they includes Games that can take advantage of full size Game Controllers. Controller support includes compatibility with the Amazon Fire Controller. You are welcome to view the entire Game catalog on their website.


Blacknut is €14.99 per month for unlimited hours of Cloud Gaming. They also offer a generous 14 day trial of their service. For a limited time, they are running a launch promotion for Amazon Fire TV subscribers. If you sign up through your Fire TV, you’ll be able to subscribe for only €7.99 per month. And that price still includes unlimited access and all of their other features.

The Future

Blacknut is already making impressive progress. As we said earlier, they are currently available in Europe. They do have plans to expand to the United States and Russia as a next step. In fact, some Gamers are reporting that the service works perfectly in the United States right now. Although it’s not officially supported, you are welcome to sign up in the United States and give it a try (remember that everyone is given a 14 day free trial). Be sure to let us know what your experience was like in the comments!

We hope to be able to test and review the service in the near future. Right now we feel that their pricing is attractive and their accessibility is excellent. We’d like to see more AAA titles in the future, but they’re off to a great start.

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