Moonlight enables 2D PC Game Streaming in VR

Recently we’ve talked a lot about PC VR Game Streaming. Everything up to now has focused on 3D VR Streaming. But what about your collection of normal 2D PC Games? We’ve got that covered too!


You might already be familiar with Moonlight Game Streaming on other devices. It’s a popular open-source version of Nvidia’s Gamestream technology. So yes, you do need a Nvidia GPU to use Moonlight (specifically a GTX 650 or higher).

A few years ago the indie developer community ported Moonlight to the GearVR. The VR version of Moonlight is called StreamTheater. It allows you to sit in a virtual theater and play your PC Game collection on a large 2D screen. It worked really well, and then the developer abandoned the project.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve got a new group of Gamers that are discovering VR through the Oculus Go. Seems like a good time to resurrect Moonlight for VR. And that’s exactly what developer penkamaster decided to do. He created a new project based on the code from the original StreamTheater App. Now we’ve got a shiny new version of Moonlight for the Oculus Go!

StreamTheater for Oculus Go

Moonlight is now StreamTheater for the Oculus Go. It’s been updated with the latest Oculus SDK’s so that it’s fully compatible with both the Oculus Go and the latest versions of Nvidia’s GeForce Experience App.

The experience is pretty much the same as it was through the original StreamTheater App for GearVR. When you launch the App, you’ll be initially prompted to pair with your PC. After you finish pairing, you’ll be able to sort through a list of your PC Games to choose a title to play. From there you will be able to select from two different environments to surround yourself with while you play.

The Theater environment feels just like sitting in a private theater. The Void environment is less distracting and feels like you’re floating in outer space. The Void environment also supports streaming PC Games at 4K resolutions.

StreamTheater supports sound through the Oculus Headset (something that that other PC Streaming Apps lack). It also allows you to play with a gamepad that is connected directly to the Oculus Go. Meaning that you don’t need to sit at your PC while you play. That last detail is a fairly big deal because StreamTheater is currently the only PC Streaming App that can be completely controlled with just the headset and gamepad.

The Experience

Streaming PC Games through StreamTheater is a great experience. Latency is low and the visual quality is top notch for VR. While streaming is smooth, the App does have a few opportunities. The initial pairing process is a bit hit and miss. We had to try to pair a few times before it finally took. StreamTheater’s customization menu is very basic and needs a little refinement. We also noticed that the cover art for our Games is missing.

The new developer of StreamTheater is still working on refining the software. He hasn’t hinted at what comes next, but there are notes on his Github that refer to squashing bugs and refining the settings menu. So it appears that future releases are incoming.

If you’d like to try Moonlight on your Oculus Go right now, you’ll find instructions along with the latest build on Reddit. We’d love to hear what you think of it! Let us know in the comments. You can also take a peek at what StreamTheater looks like in the video below.

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