Console Developers tease Cloud Gaming at E3

E3 is known for it’s exciting reveals and announcements. During E3 2018, several companies revealed upcoming Cloud Gaming technologies. They are preparing to shift to a streaming future.

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Nvidia Shield TV Review 2018

The Nvidia Shield TV is the pinnacle of what is possible for Game Streaming. It’s a premium device that provides a refined experience. We recently took a look at the Shield TV, and here are our impressions.

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EA teases Cloud Gaming at E3

We recently revealed EA’s purchase of Cloud Gaming Assets from GameFly. During that reveal, we theorized that this could mean that Cloud Gaming is coming to Origin. During Today’s E3 Press Conference, EA confirmed just that.

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How to Setup VR Cloud Gaming

You no longer need to own a VR-ready Gaming PC to enjoy PC VR! It is completely possible to enjoy high quality PC VR Gaming with just a basic computer and an Oculus Go headset. VR Cloud Gaming makes it all possible. Continue reading to learn how to set it all up.

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Rainway Octane Update Releases on 06/10/18

Rainway is preparing to release their biggest update since going live back in January. Their Octane Update is all about performance improvements and new technologies. Users can expect lowered latency, Cloud Server support, and browser optimizations.

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Blacknut makes Cloud Gaming Accessible

Blacknut is a Cloud Gaming company that prides themselves on accessibility. With a catalog of over 100 titles, Blacknut is rapidly growing. Their recent support of Amazon Fire TV is a sign of their dedication to multiplatform Gaming. Read on to learn more about Blacknut.

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LiquidSky Responds to Criticism over their latest Changes

Recently we revealed that LiquidSky is updating their pricing and subscription plans. Their new plans remove their popular Rollover feature and are more expensive. The Community responded with many concerns about these changes. LiquidSky recently addressed these concerns through their message board.

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