Rainway Octane Update Releases on 06/10/18

Rainway is preparing to release their biggest update since going live back in January. Their Octane Update is all about performance improvements and new technologies. Users can expect lowered latency, Cloud Server support, and browser optimizations.

Technology Improvements

Rainway is very focused on becoming the best Game Streaming software on the market. It is important for them to create a high performing experience. They’ve been collecting feedback from users and have been testing various enhancements to their core technology.

Rainway 0.3.0 greatly improves latency over long distances. The Rainway team has been able to reduce latency to as low as 75 ms over distances as great as over 2000 miles. This is impressive low latency for such great distances.

They are also ready to enter the world of Cloud Gaming. Rainway’s Octane update includes compatibility with all of Nvidia’s Grid GPU’s. It should allow users from Azure, Paperspace, AWS, LiquidSky, Simplay (and others) to use Rainway as their dedicated Streamer.

Rainway has good news for Firefox Users. After updating to Rainway 0.3.0, you should be able to use Rainway in Firefox (make sure that Firefox is also up to date).


Rainway is working hard to create a dedicated Android App for Game Streaming. It will be released in the near future as a beta. For now, they’ve further optimized Rainway to be compatible with the Chrome browser on Android. Users should have a pretty decent Gaming experience in their Android browser after updating to Rainway 0.3.0.

These optimizations also open the door for streaming to additional platforms. Devices like the Raspberry Pi should work well with Rainway. It also creates possibilities for Linux Gamers.

Just the Beginning

These changes should be exciting for Rainway users! And it’s just the beginning. Their Android App is coming soon, and they still plan to release for Xbox One before the end of 2018.

You can update to the latest version of Rainway starting on Sunday 06/10/18. Let us know what you think of Octane in the comments!

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