Steam Link App unofficially arrives on Oculus Go

Would you have guessed that you’d be able to play the Steam Link App on a VR headset before iOS? We wouldn’t have either, but today you can. The Oculus TV App on Oculus Go makes it all possible.

Introducing Oculus TV

Yesterday Oculus released their much anticipated Oculus TV App on Oculus Go. Their App allows you to enjoy media in a nice virtual living room environment. It comes prepackaged with several popular streaming Apps (Netflix, Hulu, etc).

Once you open it, you’re basically sitting on a couch in what appears to be a living room. You’re facing a huge 180″ screen with various Apps displayed on it. You can simply select an App and start watching. The experience is a bit like sitting on your own couch and watching something on a Roku or Apple TV.

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Unofficial Apps

The core Oculus TV experience is already enjoyable. However, it gets even better when you discover that it can run a bunch of unofficial Apps. Most Apps that support Android TV can be viewed through the Oculus TV App. All you have to do is download the APK file for your App, sideload it to your Oculus Go, and then enjoy. These unofficial Apps show up as normal Apps inside of Oculus TV.

Great for Game Streaming

Oculus TV opens the door to Game Streaming Apps on the Oculus Go. We’ve tested Parsec, Moonlight, and the new Steam Link App. All of these Apps work wonderfully through Oculus TV. The only downside is that the Oculus TV App doesn’t support Gamepads yet. This means that you can’t just load the App and then play Games using the Gamepad that you’ve paired with your Oculus Go. For now, you have to use a Gamepad that’s connected to your Gaming PC. This isn’t a huge deal, but it does limit how far away you can be from your PC. Users are already leaving feedback asking Oculus to update the App with Gamepad Support. So hopefully this last detail will be remedied soon.

Steam Link App

It’s ironic that the Steam Link App works on VR headsets before iOS devices. We haven’t given up hope that the Steam Link App will pop up in the iOS App Store one of these days. It appears that new App Store rules may be paving the way for the Steam Link App to fall within Apple’s guidelines. And it appears that Valve is making adjustments to ensure that their App is fully compliant. We will have to see what the future holds, but until then you can enjoy Steam on the Oculus Go.

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