Vridge Coming to Oculus Store

Riftcat’s Vridge Streaming App is coming to the Oculus Store. This will allow users to enjoy PC VR Game Streaming on their Oculus Go without sideloading the App. This is just one of the enhancements that is coming with Riftcat 2.2.5 beta.

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Rainway Raises $1.5 Million in Seed Money

Growth is important in most industries. It’s especially important when it comes to emerging technologies like Game Streaming. Without funding, most Game Streaming products will ultimately fail. That’s why it’s a big deal when a company like Rainway receives substantial Seed Money. So what does this mean for their future?

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LiquidSky Mid-2018 Review

When we first tested LiquidSky at the beginning of 2018, we felt that they had some opportunities. Their network wasn’t very stable, and they were a bit under-powered. Have they improved at all during the past few months?

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Using Android for Cloud Gaming in 2018

One of the best things about Cloud Gaming is flexibility. You can play on almost any device that you want. In today’s world, many of those devices will be powered by Android. So is Cloud Gaming on Android any good?

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HTC Sold Out of Original Vive Hardware

Have you tried to purchase an original HTC Vive recently? Chances are you weren’t able to. The original hardware has been out of stock in all major outlets for several weeks. Thankfully that’s about to change.

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Microsoft is working on a “Cloud” Xbox Console

During E3 2018, Phil Spencer stated that Microsoft is dedicated to bringing Cloud Gaming to many devices. It turns out that one of these devices is an Xbox. And this Xbox will be completely Cloud-powered.

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Simplay is Shutting Down their Cloud Gaming Service

Good things have a tendency to end, and in Simplay’s case it’s happening soon. They’ve realized that they aren’t going to have the resources to expand their Cloud Gaming service as they had hoped. For them, it’s time to pivot in a new direction.

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LiquidSky Answers Questions about the Future

LiquidSky recently hosted two Q&A sessions with their CEO on Twitch. They revealed many details about the future, and they showed off a new streaming client.

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Why isn’t Cloud Gaming Free?

As a Gamer, you may be wondering why Cloud Gaming Providers choose to charge you for their services. Why isn’t it free? This is a fair question to ask, because one side of Cloud Gaming is affordability. Cloud Gaming is supposed to save you money compared to owning a Gaming PC. So why do you have to pay for Cloud Gaming?

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Blizzard Confused about it’s own Cloud Gaming Policy

Blizzard’s recent update to their EULA strictly forbids Gamers from playing Blizzard titles through Cloud Gaming Services. However when a member of our Community contacted them for clarification, they were given a very different answer.

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