Blizzard hands out 30-day Bans for Cloud Gaming

It looks like Blizzard was serious when they updated their EULA. Their updated language forbids Gamers from playing Blizzard titles on Cloud Servers. Some speculated that this might be for show, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Users are reporting that they have been banned for playing through a Cloud Service.

Temporary Bans

Some users are reporting that they were issued 30-day bans for playing Blizzard titles through Cloud Servers. And this isn’t just one person or one source. Quite a few are chiming in and saying that it happened to them also.

“I just learned about the EULA change after my ban last night, so its on me for getting banned, but wanted to get a warning out to people that are still using cloud gaming services to play WoW to curtail your usage until Blizzard has a change of heart.” -Daegalus via

“Then I am met with a black screen mid game… Cloud Gaming is getting too popular for you [Blizzard] to ban us from such a popular game.” -AngryCow via

Why is this happening?

Blizzard hasn’t provided a clear reason for the change to their EULA. Some have speculated that Cloud Servers make it difficult for their anti-cheat technology to accurately identify cheaters in their Games. Others believe that Blizzard may be on the verge of launching their own Cloud Gaming service. At this point though, these are just guesses and speculation.

We reached out to Blizzard for comment, but have not yet received an answer. For now we want to reiterate that it is important to pay attention to this new rule. Whether you agree with the change or not, the risk is very real. For now Blizzard has only issued temporary 30-day bans as a warning. Their EULA states that they could ramp this up to include permanent bans if they feel that it is necessary.

So far users have reported that streaming through Parsec and using LiquidSky have resulted in bans (per online reports). It would be fair to assume that using most Cloud Gaming Services could result in a ban. Unless Blizzard comes out and official endorses a service, we need to assume that using Cloud Gaming with their titles could result in a ban.

So be safe, and restrict your Blizzard gaming to your physical computer. We still hope that this rule will change in the future, and if Blizzard responds to our questions, we will be sure to update the Community.



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