Game Streaming saves thousands of players from Fortnite Virus

Thousands of Fortnite players contracted a virus and didn’t even know it. They accidentally installed a malicious software disguised as a “hack”. It quickly infected player’s computer systems. Thankfully some of these players were running Rainway.

Discovering the Hack

Rainway is a Game Streaming App that can stream video games from one computer to another. As part of their approach to security, the Rainway App tracks errors and reports them to Rainway’s staff.

On June 26th, they began to see hundreds of thousands of errors in their detection system. After investigating, they realized that these errors weren’t something wrong with Rainway. It was someone trying to hack users through a Fortnite exploit.

What happened?

Rainway quickly responded by investigating the issue. They scanned hundreds of Fortnite exploit programs in order to locate the one that was generating the errors in Rainway.

They finally found a match. It ended up being a hack that allowed Fortnite players to generate free V-Bucks and also worked as an aimbot. Once the hack was installed on a player’s system, it immediately installed a root certificate and changed Windows to proxy all web traffic through itself. It was essentially a Man-in-the-Middle attack.

Credit Rainway Blog

Fixing the Problem

Rainway didn’t go to all of this trouble just to understand the problem. They wanted to fix it. They started out by sending abuse reports to the hack’s file host, and they were able to get the malicious program taken down.

“We’ve also put out an alert to all infected users and increased our security by enabling certificate pinning, helping to mitigate any future MiTM attacks. In the future, we will alert users when we detect any foreign activity that we think could be a sign of an infection.” -Rainway Blog

From just this incident, Rainway received over 300,000 reports.

A lesson to be learned

This incident is a sobering reminder of how vulnerable we all are online. Fortnite players are lucky that Rainway was there for them in this case. Without Rainway’s intervention, the hack may have never been detected.

It’s worth saying that only players that were trying to cheat in Fortnite were affected by this problem. We’ve all heard the saying Cheaters never prosper. It seems especially true in this case. The best way to find success in Fortnite is to continue playing and developing your skills. Remember that you never really know what is hidden inside of a program. And the risk is especially high in programs that are designed to hack something else.

You can read the original story on Rainway’s Blog.

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