HTC Sold Out of Original Vive Hardware

Have you tried to purchase an original HTC Vive recently? Chances are you weren’t able to. The original hardware has been out of stock in all major outlets for several weeks. Thankfully that’s about to change.

High Demand for VR

You might be wondering why we are talking about VR on a Cloud Gaming website. We recently started writing about the Vive in relation to streaming Games to it. A company called TPCAST created a wireless system for the Vive that enables Gamers to stream VR Games from their PC to the headset. As a bonus it works wonderfully.

If you read those recent articles, you may have been inclined to grab a Vive for yourself. Unfortunately you probably weren’t able to. HTC experienced it’s highest rate of sales in the product’s history.

“Vive has paced at it’s highest sales velocity of all time, for weeks on end, and we sold out. For a consumer electronic product in its third calendar year, this continued trajectory is nearly unheard of. Don’t worry, though: we are ramping up production of the original Vive and units will continue to roll out to online and retail over the coming weeks.” -HTC via

Just as HTC said in their statement, more original HTC Vive units are in production. They should reach normal  resellers in the near future.

Business is Good

There has been some concern over HTC recently, and some have speculated that their VR business could be in trouble. HTC addressed these concerns and appears confident with how their VR products are performing.

“… We’re happy to see intelligence firms like International Data Corporation (IDC) get it right. They analyzed VR revenue share and show Vive as the leader in the space, which means that our investments are paying off for consumers and businesses. It means customers have more to do with their VR headsets and it means businesses sees a path toward earning money themselves. It’s exactly where we want to be.” -HTC via

So the bottom line is that if you’re in the market for an original HTC Vive, keep an eye on your favorite retailer. They should be coming back shortly, and business is looking good.

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