Nvidia releases full version of GeForce Now on Nvidia Shield

Nvidia is releasing the full PC Version of GeForce Now on Nvidia Shield. This update will bring over 200 new Games to these platforms. Shield owners will also enjoy a perk that is not available on PC.

The Current State of GeForce Now

GeForce Now is Nvidia’s version of Cloud Gaming. It provides Gamers with a Library of PC Games that can be played instantly in the Cloud. There are currently two versions of GeForce Now.

The Shield version of GeForce Now is an evolution of Nvidia’s Grid service. The Grid service originally launched for the Portable back in 2013. It became a subscription service that provided Gamers with a library of PC Games that they could play for a low monthly fee. This library was primarily made up of older titles mixed with a few classics. The service expanded beyond the Portable and became available on the Shield TV and Tablet as well. In May of 2018, Nvidia dropped the subscription requirement for GeForce Now on Shield devices and made it free to all Shield owners.

Nvidia unveiled a new version of GeForce Now in January of 2017. It was introduced as a closed beta for Mac and PC. Since that time, GeForce Now has grown to become a collection of over 200 Games. It’s not unusual to see Games launch through GeForce Now on the same day that they launch for other platforms.

While the computer version of GeForce Now has grown and evolved, the Shield version has remained largely the same. It still only includes the original small collection of titles that were introduced with their Grid service. The good news is that this is all about to change.

Modern GeForce Now comes to Shield

Nvidia is finally ready to bring the Shield version of GeForce Now into parity with the Computer version. Owners will receive an update during the 2nd week of July 2018 that brings the full modern version of GeForce Now to the Shield platform. It will be available on the Shield TV and the Shield Tablet.

We mentioned during our introduction that Shield owners will enjoy a perk that isn’t available on the computer. The computer version of GeForce Now is still in closed beta. You have to be invited to the beta in order to play Games. The Shield version of GeForce now is open to all Shield owners. Simply opt into the beta on your Shield device, and start playing. There is no approval process or waiting.

As an extra extra perk, opting into the beta on your Shield will also provide you with access to GeForce Now beta on your computer. This is currently the only Nvidia-endorsed way of gaining instant access to GeForce Now.

What happens to the existing version of GeForce Now on Shield?

There are already many Games available through GeForce Now on Shield devices that are included for free. What happens to these Games? This question is relevant because many of the Game that are included in the updated version of GeForce Now are not free. In modern GeForce Now, you need to own the Games that you play in the Cloud. The only Games that are free (in the updated version) are titles that would be free outside of GeForce Now. Will Shield owners still be able to access the existing free content that they enjoy right now?

We reached out to Nvidia to get an answer to this question. You’ll be happy to know that many of the Games that are currently free through GeForce Now will remain free.

“Many of these games will stay on the service and continue to be free on SHIELD. A catalog of free titles will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.” -Nvidia Representative

How it works

These are exciting changes that will provide even more value to Nvidia Gamers. Now that we’ve introduced what’s coming, let’s discuss some details:

  • Access to GeForce Now will be limited to one account per Shield device
  • Once an account has opted into the beta on a Shield device, it will gain access to the beta on all supported platforms
  • Many of the existing free Games through GeForce Now on Shield will remain free after the update
  • GeForce Now will not be updated on Shield Portable Devices
  • Shield owners will be able to bypass the beta wait-list and gain instant access to GeForce Now
  • The full version of GeForce Now will be delivered as an update at some point during the second week of July 2018
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