Blizzard hands out 30-day Bans for Cloud Gaming

It looks like Blizzard was serious when they updated their EULA. Their updated language forbids Gamers from playing Blizzard titles on Cloud Servers. Some speculated that this might be for show, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Users are reporting that they have been banned for playing through a Cloud Service.

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Top 5 Unlimited Cloud Gaming Providers

Many Cloud Gaming companies choose to bill users by the hour. If you’re a heavy Gamer, then this may not work for you. You may need something with unlimited usage in order to keep your costs reasonable. In this article, we will break down the top 5 Cloud Gaming Providers that offer unlimited service for a flat monthly fee.

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Riftcat Improves Support for Oculus Go Streaming

We’ve recently talked quite a bit about VR Game Streaming. We’ve covered both the ALVR system and TPCAST for the HTC Vive. Today we are going to talk about another popular VR Streaming Company. Riftcat is well-known for enabling VR Streaming for the Gear VR. Today’s update adds support for the Oculus Go.

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Vortex Cloud Gaming Mid-2018 Review

We reviewed Vortex at the beginning of 2018, and it’s time to see if anything has changed. Have they improved their Computer Clients? Is the Android App still pretty good, or has it gotten worse?

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Nvidia releases full version of GeForce Now on Nvidia Shield

Nvidia is releasing the full PC Version of GeForce Now on Nvidia Shield. This update will bring over 200 new Games to these platforms. Shield owners will also enjoy a perk that is not available on PC.
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TPCAST for HTC Vive Review (2018)

We recently covered Game Streaming on the Oculus Go. And while that is convenient, the Oculus Go lacks full dual 6DOF controllers. If you’re looking for a more complete VR Game Streaming experience, then you might be interested in learning about TPCAST.

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Paperspace Updates Pricing for Cloud Gaming

Paperspace recently announced new pricing for their Cloud Systems. These changes will affect Cloud Gamers, and will apply to both the hourly rate and storage cost.  Continue reading “Paperspace Updates Pricing for Cloud Gaming”

Game Streaming saves thousands of players from Fortnite Virus

Thousands of Fortnite players contracted a virus and didn’t even know it. They accidentally installed a malicious software disguised as a “hack”. It quickly infected player’s computer systems. Thankfully some of these players were running Rainway.

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