Rainway Raises $1.5 Million in Seed Money

Growth is important in most industries. It’s especially important when it comes to emerging technologies like Game Streaming. Without funding, most Game Streaming products will ultimately fail. That’s why it’s a big deal when a company like Rainway receives substantial Seed Money. So what does this mean for their future?

Resources make a difference

Rainway has been working hard to raise money to expand their business. They have lofty goals, and it will take a substantial amount of funding to make them happen.

They were able to raise $1,500,000 through strategic partnerships with companies like GoAhead Ventures. GoAhead Ventures provides experience and an understanding of Asian markets. Resources like this are a valuable asset to Rainway as they continue to grow.

“We partnered with GoAhead Ventures in this endeavor as their close ties and understanding of markets in Asia like Japan and excitement for what we’re building is the perfect pairing for our continued expansion.” -Andrew Sampson

Rainway’s Andrew Sampson was also recently awarded a Thiel Fellowship which brings $100,000 of funding to Rainway. It appears that they should have what they need to continue development for the foreseeable future.

Next Steps

Now that Rainway has sufficient Funding, they are ready to ramp up their development. For them, the next step is expanding their team. Right now Rainway has been maintained by a small team of nine people. They’ve accomplished a lot for such a small group, but expansion demands more.

With a larger team, Rainway will be able to finish their PC beta more quickly. They initially had hoped to have Rainway out of beta by the end of 2018. With new resources and a larger team, they may be able to do it sooner.

“Next, we’re leaving beta as soon as possible. We don’t believe in perpetual beta and over the last few months, we’ve gathered enough information to build a better product moving forward. That means greater compatibility for systems, more stable networking, and more user-friendly software. Our target date for leaving beta will be announced as soon as the brand new Rainway design is live.” -Andrew Sampson

Once Rainway is officially launched on PC, they will transition to supporting additional platforms. Android is next, with Xbox support planned by the end of the year. Additionally they have committed to supporting iOS, Playstation, and hopefully Nintendo Switch. They are still waiting on approval from Nintendo before committing to a Switch version of Rainway.

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