Vridge Coming to Oculus Store

Riftcat’s Vridge Streaming App is coming to the Oculus Store. This will allow users to enjoy PC VR Game Streaming on their Oculus Go without sideloading the App. This is just one of the enhancements that is coming with Riftcat 2.2.5 beta.

No More Sideloading

Sideloading is the process of installing unofficial content on a device. For Oculus Go users, this meant connecting the headset to a PC and using adb commands to install Riftcat’s Vridge App. The process ultimately isn’t difficult, but it did prevent some users from trying Vridge.

In the near future, Vridge users will be able to install Vridge directly from the Oculus Store. This removes the sideloading requirement and brings automatic updates. Riftcat is currently waiting for App approval from Oculus. As soon as approval is granted, you will be able to install Vridge by redeeming a code in the Oculus App Store. You can keep an eye on Vridge’s Store status on Riftcat’s website.

Support for more Languages

Riftcat recently reached out to the community and asked for assistance with translating the Riftcat App and Vridge App into more languages. Their goal is to reach as many people as possible. Riftcat beta 2.2.5 updates six existing languages and introduces support for six new ones:

  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Lithuanian
  • Bulgarian

Additional Fixes

Riftcat 2.2.5 beta is largely focused on introducing the new languages and launching Vridge in the Oculus Store. However, they did fix a few additional things that are worth mentioning:

  • Fixed Oculus Go touchpad jumping to top-left corner after taking a finger off of the trackpad.
  • Users will no longer be able to switch the video encoder when HEVC is enabled. HEVC doesn’t natively support hot-switching, and it was known to cause freezes.
  • The Vridge Logo will no longer be upside down when launching.
  • Vridge and SteamVR should now automatically start on the computer’s dedicated GPU, if available.
  • The Vridge.log file will now contain information about which GPU handles Vridge.

Testing the beta

It’s clear that the developers at Riftcat are very dedicated to bringing PC VR Gaming to the Oculus Go. This is just one update among several that have been offered in the last few weeks. Vridge 2.2.5 beta is a pre-release that is available today for testing purposes. Riftcat hopes to be able to release the full Vridge 2.2 in the upcoming weeks. If you’d like to assist with testing their current beta, you can learn how on their website.

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