Top 5 Unlimited Cloud Gaming Providers

Many Cloud Gaming companies choose to bill users by the hour. If you’re a heavy Gamer, then this may not work for you. You may need something with unlimited usage in order to keep your costs reasonable. In this article, we will break down the top 5 Cloud Gaming Providers that offer unlimited service for a flat monthly fee.

GeForce Now

GeForce Now is Nvidia’s solution for Cloud Gamers. It’s currently available on Mac, PC, and Nvidia Shield. With GeForce Now you gain access to a powerful Cloud Server that can play most Games on ultra settings. And yes, it’s unlimited. They currently support over 200 titles, and it’s one of the easiest services to use. GeForce Now is currently in beta, and they haven’t announced what pricing will look like after the beta ends (or if there will be pricing).

If you’re strictly planning on using a computer to play, you can sign up for the beta through their website. There is currently a waitlist, so you may need to wait a bit before receiving access.

If you’re an Nvidia Shield owner (Shield TV or Shield Tablet), then this is your lucky day! All Shield owners get to bypass the beta waitlist and are granted instant access to GeForce Now. This is a very decent deal for those that are interested in Cloud Gaming. It’s one of the most powerful services on our list, and the Shield TV only costs $199. It’s not a bad arrangement when you consider that you’re only paying for the Shield itself, and you’re getting a great device to boot.


UPDATE: Simplay announced that they will be forced to shut down their End-User service in September of 2018. They are transitioning to a direct-to-business model rather than selling services directly to Gamers.

Simplay is another Cloud Gaming Provider that offers unlimited hours of usage. They also do it for the lowest price. You only need to pay $19.99 $26.99 per month to enjoy unlimited Gaming. On top of that, Simplay is flexible and let’s you decide how to stream your games. You can use their built-in streaming technology (called Photon), or you can use Parsec.

Simplay is currently available to Gamers in Europe. They hope to expand to the United States before the end of 2018.


Shadow has been making waves in the Gaming world for a few months now. They offer unlimited hours of Cloud Gaming for $34.95 per month. Their servers are powerful and are considered to be equivalent to playing on a GTX 1080. Their users leave raving reviews about how smooth and responsive the service can be.

Shadow is currently the only Cloud Gaming Provider that supports the Windows 10 Store. Which means that they are the only Cloud Service Provider that allows you to play games like Gears of War, Forza, and Halo.

Shadow is currently available in Europe and in California. They plan to expand to the US East Coast before the end of the summer 2018. The rest of the United States should be supported before the end of 2018.


PlayKey is one of the more expensive options for Cloud Gaming, but they are also one of the most interesting. They are doing away with traditional Data Centers, and are instead focusing on building a network that is inspired by cryptocurrency. Specifically they are using the concept of blockchain to build a system that is hosted on a Grid of other users. So normal people rent their Gaming PC’s to PlayKey, and PlayKey uses them together to power the Gaming network.

This is an ambitious goal, and there is an actual cryptocurrency aspect to it. For those that are interested in the economics of Gaming, there is potential to make money through PlayKey. For the rest of us, it means that they are providing a powerful service that should be very easy and accessible.

PlayKey currently costs $69.99 monthly for unlimited access. They are available in Europe with plans to expand to the United States and other regions by the beginning of 2019.


Paperspace is very popular in the Cloud Gaming community. They offer a great combination of power and affordability that is attractive to many people. With that said, most people use them on an hourly basis. Paperspace does offer an unlimited option, but is the most expensive out of everything that we’ve discussed today. Their monthly pricing starts at $199 for a basic P4000 machine. This is so much higher than the other options in this list that it probably won’t be reasonable for most people.

However, if you are a die-hard Paperspace fan, and if this works with your financial goals, then they do offer an unlimited service option. So it deserves a spot in our list.

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