A New Rainway is Coming Soon

It’s been seven months since Rainway launched their beta. In that time they’ve improved and innovated. Today they are comfortable with their core technology, and it’s time for a makeover. An all new Rainway is coming soon.

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Playkey offers an alternative to Crypto Mining

The initial cryptocurrency craze is winding down. It’s no longer cost effective for consumers to mine crypto with their own hardware. Playkey is offering an alternative. They want to give Gamers the opportunity to earn an average of $10 per day by renting their Gaming PC’s to other users.

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Shadow unveils 4K “Ghost” Streaming Box

The original Shadow Streaming Box is a thing of the past. Today they announced a brand new Streaming Box that they are calling Shadow Ghost. It promises to improve on it’s predecessor while shedding some weight. It could be everything that you need to enjoy Cloud Gaming.

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Nvidia Introduces RTX Family of GPU’s

Today is the day that many of you have waited for. Nvidia officially revealed their next family of GeForce Graphic Cards. The new series is called “GeForce RTX”, and they promise up to 6X the performance of the current generation.

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Parsec Introduces Controller Support for their App

Parsec just released an overhauled App that allows users to opt into a Controller-friendly User Interface (UI). All Warp subscribers can begin testing the new Interface today.

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Shadow is offering increased Storage

A standard Shadow Cloud Gaming machine comes with 256 GB of Storage. It’s included with their $34 unlimited Cloud Gaming subscription. For many Gamers, this amount of Storage isn’t enough. Starting today, Shadow subscribers will have the option of upgrading to 1 TB of additional Storage. Continue reading to find out how much it will cost and when it will be available.

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Is Cloud Gaming good enough for First Person Shooters?

The First Person Shooter genre is one of the most popular in Gaming. It can also be one of the most competitive and demanding. So is it reasonable to play FPS Games through a Cloud Server?

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A Weekend with Shadow

Shadow has officially launched their Cloud Gaming service on the US East Coast. They offer unlimited hours of Cloud Gaming for $34 per month. We spent the weekend testing Shadow, and it’s been an interesting experience. Do they live up to all of the hype? Continue reading to find out.

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Parsec officially releases Party-Finder and Communities

Parsec wants Gaming to be a social experience. To this end, they’ve released the full version of their Party-Finder system to the public. Party-Finder allows you to connect with other Gamers to play virtually any Game online. Let’s take a deep-dive to see what it’s all about.

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Shadow is Expanding to the US East Coast on August 9th

We’ve heard rumors for a while, and it’s now official! Shadow is expanding their Cloud Gaming service to the United States East Coast. And it’s happening next week! Continue reading “Shadow is Expanding to the US East Coast on August 9th”