GeForce Now Update allows you to Tweak more Settings

Nvidia is releasing yet another major update for GeForce Now. This time they’re giving you more control over your Streaming Settings on the computer. So where are these new Settings, and how do you use them?

New Settings

GeForce Now’s new Settings are all about achieving the perfect balance between Stream Quality and Latency. When you open GeForce Now today, it should automatically install the latest version. If it doesn’t, you can download it again from Nvidia’s Website.

After you’ve installed the latest version of GeForce Now, you can access the new Settings by clicking the “Gear” button in the top right corner of the window.

Open Settings

On the next screen, you’ll notice the new controls on the right side of the window.

Quality Controls


Nvidia realizes that not everyone is a networking genius. They’ve made it easy to select Settings that will work well for most people.


The Balanced preset provides a good medium between Video Quality and Latency. This is the option that most people should try first. It will look good and should perform well. This option is GeForce Now’s original default.

Data Saver

The Data Saver preset is for people that play on a metered connection. Meaning that you have a data allowance that limits how much you can use. This is very common for Hotel Internet, Hotspots, and some Cable Connections. Data Saver will prioritize using the least amount of bandwidth while still providing decent Video Quality. So it won’t look quite as good as the Balanced preset, but will go easy on your internet connection. By default Data Saver will use around 4 GB per hour.


The Competitive preset is for those that crave the most responsive Streaming Experience. It will prioritize Input Latency above all else. So you will notice a significant decrease in Video Quality, but it will still be decent. This was previously GeForce Now’s experimental Low Latency mode.

Custom Quality

The Custom Quality option give you the absolute most control over your Streaming Experience. You can select everything from Bit Rate to Resolution. Some people may need to play around with these options to get the most out of GeForce Now. You can set it up for very low connections, or for very high ones.

Custom Settings

GeForce Now supports up to 1080p, 50 Mbps, and 120 fps. These are extremely high Settings that will be very demanding on your network and internet connection.

An Important Update

This update is very important for fans of GeForce Now. Previously GeForce Now worked well for many people. However some users still struggled with it because it didn’t automatically match their connection very well. With today’s update, that all changes. Now you can match GeForce Now’s Settings to your network situation. It should give you the power to have a better experience.

GeForce Now is currently available in beta for Computers. You can sign up on the GeForce Now website. There is a waitlist for the computer, and you’ll need to wait for an invitation. Nvidia Shield owners gain instant access to GeForce Now and get to skip the waitlist. The  Shield TV is an impressive Cloud Gaming machine that costs less than $200.

If you’d like to see this new update in action, take a look at the Video below.

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