Nvidia Introduces RTX Family of GPU’s

Today is the day that many of you have waited for. Nvidia officially revealed their next family of GeForce Graphic Cards. The new series is called “GeForce RTX”, and they promise up to 6X the performance of the current generation.

It’s all about Ray Tracing

Today’s level of graphic technology is an ugly thing. That statement might surprise some. You may not have realized how much of your favorite virtual worlds are “faked”. Reflections are simulated, and shadows are blocky approximations. Neither are dynamically rendered based on real physics. You might not fully appreciate the role that lighting plays in immersion. In reality lighting and shadows set the scene and create the mood in your favorite titles. These things based on today’s technology leave a lot to be desired.

That’s all about to change with Nvidia’s RTX technology. Their flagship feature is called Ray Tracing. In English, it means that light and shadows are rendered in real time based on real physics. It creates cinematic photo-realistic effects in your Games. The world has known about the potential of Ray Tracing for years, but we’ve lacked the power to make it happen. That changes with the RTX family of GPU’s.

Turing Architecture

Nvidia is moving on from their Pascal Architecture to Turing. Turing represents Nvidia’s biggest jump in GPU technology since CUDA was introduced in 2006. It features an “RT Core” that is engineered to bring Ray Tracing to the masses.

Ray Tracing is impressive enough, but Turing is also based on Machine Learning. It taps into a wealth of information that Nvidia has collected through the use of super-computers. The RTX family of GPU’s are equipped with Tensor Cores that benefit from Nvidia’s Library of collected information to render content in the best way possible. So it’s not just about what the GPU can do on it’s own. It can access a mountain of data to render content before it’s even called for. It knows what a pixel should look like ahead of time.

RTX Family

The GeForce RTX family is made up of three graphics cards. The RTX 2070 and 2080 feature 8 GB of GDDR6 VRAM while the RTX 2080ti comes with 11 GB. Pricing ranges from $499 for the 2070 to $999 for the 2080ti. Founders Edition Cards will cost you a bit more in exchange for getting them first.

Impact on Game Streaming

At Flickstiq we are all about Video Game Streaming and Cloud Gaming. These new cards are big news for those of you that like to host your own Gaming Server. They will also provide a big boost for VR Game Streaming.

The RTX family is quoted to be 6X more powerful than the current flagship GTX 1080. Even the cheapest RTX 2070 beats the pants off of the $1300 Titan XP. That represents a huge jump and a great deal of value for Gamers.

Software like Parsec, Rainway, Moonlight, and GameStream should be able to capture the beauty that comes from Ray Tracing. You’ll be able to stream all of that shadowy-goodness to your favorite portable or living room system. When it comes to VR, you should be able to supersample content for even more fidelity. In short, these cards are a big deal.

The RTX 2080 and RTX 2080ti are available for preorder starting today. The RTX 2070 should be available for preorder in the near future. All cards are slotted to become available on September 20th 2018.

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