Parsec Introduces Controller Support for their App

Parsec just released an overhauled App that allows users to opt into a Controller-friendly User Interface (UI). All Warp subscribers can begin testing the new Interface today.


Some of you might be asking What is this “Warp” thing, and how do I get it? Warp is Parsec’s early access program. It’s a paid subscription service that will cost you $5 per month or $50 per year. As a Warp subscriber you get a special Parsec Theme and early access to new features. Most importantly, the Warp subscription is a way of saying Thank-you to Parsec.

Parsec offers all of their features to the public for free. They don’t charge you anything to use their stellar streaming technology. Their subscription is optional because the early access features of Warp will eventually be made available to the public for free. But as a fan of Parsec, you may be looking for a way to support their future success. Warp is one way that you can make a difference.

Controller UI?

The next question that you might be asking is What is a Controller UI, and why is it important? Normally the Parsec App can only be navigated with a Keyboard & Mouse. It’s designed to be used by someone that is sitting in front of a computer. The reality is that this isn’t the only way that people enjoy Games.

Many of us either come from a Console background, or would prefer to play Games on the TV. Without a Controller UI, there is no easy way of using Parsec from the couch. The new UI enables us to enjoy Parsec on a mobile device or through something like a Raspberry Pi or Nvidia Shield.

Simply put, a Controller UI is the ability to fully control the Parsec App with just a controller. You won’t need to use the touchscreen or a Keyboard & Mouse. This UI will enable even more Gamers to take advantage of Game Streaming and Cloud Gaming.

Warp subscribers can test out the new Controller UI right now. Just make sure that you have the latest version of the Parsec App and give it a try. Users that are interested in trying Warp can subscribe through the Parsec App in their Account Settings.

Additional Changes

Parsec’s latest update does more than just introduce their Controller UI. They’ve also made Games & Parties visible even when you’re not logged into the Parsec App. You can freely browse the list to see what looks interesting. Additionally, Communities & Games now display how many parties and players they have.

Parsec also solved a glitch that would show a “Game Over” screen when a party description contained weird text. Oh and if you use Discord, it will now show that you’re playing Parsec when you’re connected to a computer. You’ll notice that Parsec has a new sidebar that gives a host more controller over their session. The sidebar can be hidden if needed.

We would love to hear what you think about these changes. Let us know in the comments!

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