Parsec officially releases Party-Finder and Communities

Parsec wants Gaming to be a social experience. To this end, they’ve released the full version of their Party-Finder system to the public. Party-Finder allows you to connect with other Gamers to play virtually any Game online. Let’s take a deep-dive to see what it’s all about.

Accessing Party-Finder

Parsec features an auto-updating system. As soon as the App launches, it should load the latest version of Parsec. In the latest version, you’ll discover a PARTY FINDER button at the top of the screen. This button is your personal portal to multiplayer gaming.

Creating Communities

Parsec has a vision for Social Gaming. They are creating a future where Games can be played together regardless of online support or distance. Party-Finder is a step towards accomplishing their goals. It introduces the ability to share your Games with other people. The Games don’t even need to support online play. Virtually any title that supports splitscreen or local coop will work with Party-Finder. Yes, that includes Games through emulators.

One person in the party needs to own the Game that everyone will be playing. They host the Game, and their party members get to join as additional players. It’s like handing a controller to a friend. The hosting player will stream the Game to everyone else, and they can play as if they are in the same room.

The option to share a Game is not new to Parsec. It’s been around for quite a while. What is new is the ability to easily find someone to play with. The Party-Finder feature allows you to either host a public Game, or find a Game that someone else is sharing. It also creates an opportunity for existing Communities and Developers.

At the top of the Party-Finder window, you’ll find a list of featured Communities and Games. These hubs allow groups of players to join together around a central theme. The theme might be a specific Game title, but it also could be an independent Community. It represents a way for developers to use Parsec as a match-making system for their Games. It’s also an easy way for existing Communities to quickly play together.

Wizard of Legend Community Hub

At Flickstiq, we’ve partnered with Parsec to release a Community hub for the Flickstiq Community! You can find it here. Let’s play together!

Intriguing Technologies

Parsec is creating a system that is simple to use, but involves a lot of behind-the-scenes features. When a user decides to host a party, they get to choose from a wide range of options that describe their session. One important selection is the location of the host.

The host’s location factors into a matching algorithm that attempts to connect people that are physically close together. Parsec’s goal is to reduce latency by keeping groups close when possible. With that said, they aren’t going to prevent you from connecting to someone a world away. They also realize that you may often end up playing with strangers.

As a security measure, you’ll need to select exactly which App or Game is shared with your Party. They won’t be able to access any other software on your computer. You’ll also have full control over which device they can use (such as keyboard/mouse, controller, etc).

Great Potential

Party-Finder has the potential to be huge for Gamers. You can finally play classic Mario online with your friends. We are also experiencing a renaissance of local-multiplayer Gaming on PC. There are a wide range of modern titles to choose from.

It also has the potential to be a big deal for Game developers (especially indie developers). Running a network for multiplayer Gaming is expensive. That’s why studios tend to shut down many multiplayer Games after a few years. Parsec has the ability to bring them back. It also creates a way for Indie developers to support multiplayer without investing in a network. That’s a big deal!

It’s worth noting that to be a host, you’ll need to have decent upload speed from your ISP. If you don’t have high upload speed, then you can rent a Cloud Server to share with your friends (which can be done from within the Parsec App).

Have we mentioned that Parsec is completely free to use? If you’re a Gamer, then you need to give it a try. You can download Parsec from their website.

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