Playkey offers an alternative to Crypto Mining

The initial cryptocurrency craze is winding down. It’s no longer cost effective for consumers to mine crypto with their own hardware. Playkey is offering an alternative. They want to give Gamers the opportunity to earn an average of $10 per day by renting their Gaming PC’s to other users.

Solving Problems

Cloud Gaming as a technology presents some serious problems that need to be solved. Traditionally, Cloud Gaming services are powered by data centers. These collections of servers are expensive to setup and maintain. While effective, they make it hard for Cloud Gaming services to expand. And expansion is essential to the success of a Cloud Gaming provider.

Playkey believes that they have figured out how to expand quickly while keeping their costs low. Instead of relying on traditional data centers, they are taking their queue from cryptocurrency (specifically from blockchain).


With cryptocurrency, “miners” use their own hardware to search for new coins that can be added to the market. Coins are hidden by the cryptocurrency originator and released in batches. Whoever finds the coins gets a small reward. In the beginning, miners were able to use their own computers to mine for crypto. It was easy, and there was little competition.

Today things are different. New hardware has flooded the market, and large companies are getting in on the action. It’s now almost impossible to use your home PC to make a profit as a miner. A normal person can’t compete with the resources of a large organization. Playkey wants to offer an alternative.

Decentralized Cloud Gaming

They idea behind cryptocurrency is a good one. Your assets aren’t stored in one place. Instead, they are spread out across a large network of computers. This idea is referred to as “blockchain”, and that’s exactly what Playkey wants to do with their network.

Instead of setting up several large data centers around the world, Playkey wants to use their own “miners” to power the system. A miner can be anyone with a powerful Gaming PC. As a Miner, you can choose to rent your PC to Playkey in return for a portion of their profits. Playkey projects that their miners can earn approximately $10 a day. That’s a significant increase compared to what the average cryptocurrency miner can expect.

Reducing Expenses

Utilizing miners creates the potential for rapid expansion. But that only solves one of Cloud Gaming’s challenges. The other side is reducing expenses. Playkey has a plan for that as well.

In addition to creating a decentralized Cloud Gaming network, Playkey is releasing their own cryptocurrency. Yes, I know that we just finished talking about how mining cryptocurrency isn’t profitable for the average person. That’s not what Playkey wants you to do. They plan to use their cryptocurrency (PKT) to reduce transaction fees.

Playkey would have to pay a fee of between $2 and $4 for each transaction performed with a credit card. A portion of each sale has to go to the credit card company. Alternatively, when a purchase is made with PKT, the fee is only $0.1. That’s up to 50x cheaper than what it would cost to accept credit cards. And it’s quite an advantage over their competition. The trick is getting Gamers on board with using PKT to pay for their Cloud Gaming subscription. It probably helps that Playkey’s miners will be paid in PKT. It creates an incentive to use it and spread it.

Status Report

Playkey is executing a carefully developed plan for kicking off their Cloud Gaming service. They are targeting Germany, the USA, and Korea. At the beginning of 2018, Playkey finished designing the first version of the architecture that will power their decentralized system. The plan is to slowly transition from traditional data centers to the new decentralized system.

On the technology side, Playkey recently released a technology that they’re calling “Desktop”. Desktop captures the entire workspace rather than encoding each on-screen element individually. It is available for users to test in English and German. Currently players can try it out with GTA 5 and Fortnite.

PKT is officially available, and Playkey is carefully developing and circulating it. Gamers will be able to use PKT to purchase their Playkey subscription in the near future.

Things are coming together, and Playkey hopes to begin the testing phase of their decentralized platform near the beginning of 2019.

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