Shadow is offering increased Storage

A standard Shadow Cloud Gaming machine comes with 256 GB of Storage. It’s included with their $34 unlimited Cloud Gaming subscription. For many Gamers, this amount of Storage isn’t enough. Starting today, Shadow subscribers will have the option of upgrading to 1 TB of additional Storage. Continue reading to find out how much it will cost and when it will be available.

More Storage is Coming

Shadow is beginning to roll out their upgraded Storage option today. They are releasing it in batches to keep their network under control.

“We limited the number available (of Storage Upgrades) to make sure it would not hinder your experience. Imagine 30,000 people downloading 1 TB at the same time. We have more in stock, we are making it progressively available now.” -Shadow via Discord

Shadow sold through their initial offering quite quickly. They plan to make additional batches available as early as tonight (the evening of 08/17/18). Shadow plans to offer a Storage Upgrade to any Subscriber that is interested.

How much will it Cost?

Shadow is offering increased Storage as an additional monthly fee. It is added to the standard $34 monthly subscription. You’ll pay roughly $3.75 extra in the United States and £2.95 in Europe.

Shadow’s new pricing should be a pleasant surprise for their subscribers. To put it into perspective, Paperspace charges $55 per month for their 1 TB Storage option. That’s a whopping $51.25 more per month than what Shadow is asking. You could technically get an entire 2nd Shadow Subscription with upgraded Storage for that difference.

How do you Upgrade?

When you’re ready to upgrade, visit your account page on Shadow’s website. There is a new section dedicated to Storage. If the 1 TB is available, you will be able to select it and apply it to your account. Keep in mind that the upgrade is being made available in batches, so it may not show up right away. You can keep an eye on Shadow’s Discord Channel for more information.

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