Cloud Gaming exists on Nintendo Switch right now

The Gaming Industry is trending towards Cloud Gaming. Microsoft and EA have both committed to supporting it very soon. While it’s fun to think about the future, it’s important to point out that Cloud Gaming exists on Nintendo Switch right now.

Per-Title Cloud Gaming

When we think about Cloud Gaming, we typically imagine a company that is renting their system to you. In some cases, you are provided with a list of Games that can be streamed (such as with GeForce Now). In other cases you gain access to an entire Cloud Desktop that can run anything (like with Shadow).

Nintendo is taking a different approach, and is leaving Cloud Gaming up to its developers. Each Nintendo Developer has the option of using Cloud Gaming technologies to power their Games. The benefit is that the Nintendo Switch will be able to play Games that it’s not natively powerful enough to run. This comes as no surprise when you consider that the Switch is basically an Nvidia Shield with a Nintendo make-over.

Games are Available Now

Some developers are already beginning to leverage Cloud Gaming technologies in their Games. We reported a few months ago that Capcom released a Cloud version of Resident Evil 7 on the Switch. It turns out that they are only the first to see the value of Cloud Gaming.

Resident Evil 7

Earlier this year Sega released a Cloud version of Phantasy Star Online 2 that allowed players to access their data from other versions of the Game. In 2014 Square Enix released a version of Dragon Quest X on 3DS that leveraged Cloud Technologies to make the game run on the 3DS’s hardware.

More recently, Nintendo revealed that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will be powered by the Cloud in Japan. It launches on October 7th. A spokesperson for Capcom told the Wall Street Journal that they are considering offering more Cloud-Powered titles in the future.


So far these Cloud-Powered titles have only been made available in Japan. Capcom partnered with Taiwanese Game Streaming company Ubitus GameCloud to power the Cloud version of Resident Evil 7. Players only had to pay around $20 to gain access to the Game for 180 days.

It’s unknown if Developers in the United States and other regions will also leverage the Cloud. To date, none have made any announcement to that effect. However, the Cloud has been very successful for Nintendo Developers in Japan. It creates the potential for Cloud Gaming to be utilized in other places.

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